Zelda’s Survival Guide

Zelda's Survival Guide

Zelda's Survival Guide
When it comes to survival, whether in love, life, or work, what counts most is dogged determination. And nobody knows more about dogged determination than Zelda, 60 pounds of bulldog attitude. Zelda is the photogenic dog who takes no bull and the author of Zelda Wisdom, Zelda Rules on Love, and The Zen of Zelda, which have sold more than 150,000 copies combined.In her latest book, Zelda is your guide dog for all stages of life. With puppy pal Angus she offers tips on surviving childhood and parenting. To survive in the work-a-day world, Zelda advises, "Take risks, find your passion, and work like a dog." Zelda and her best friend, Baby, team up to help you smile when surviving a love loss. And when age starts to get you down, Zelda herself shows you how to "win with a double chin." Life is tough, but Zelda"s Survival Guide shows that if you can laugh and hang on, you will live to tell the tale.Zelda"s tender toughness has made her the official "spokesdog" of the Delta Society, promoting the role animals play in human health and well-being. A media favorite, she has been featured in the New York Times and twice on Good Morning America.
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