Your transportation arrangement will determine whether your wedding will be a well managed timely affair or a rushed event

As soon as your friends and relatives get informed about your wedding, they will start pouring in tips about what to do to make the event successful. But no one will tell you about what not to do. So here are some common mistakes that wedding hosts make while hiring a wedding transport:

* Not hiring a car – Many people think of hiring a wedding car as an extravagant decision. They opt for decorating their own car and driving on their own to the wedding venue. This may save you a few dollars but will come with lots of worries and mismanagement. You can book a wedding car and a trained chauffeur to drive you to the wedding venue. If you want to accommodate your family members and friends in a vehicle, you can opt for a limo or a party bus.

* Avoiding your guests’ transportation needs – Many among your guests may be coming from far distant places and may be unfamiliar to your town. There are good chances of your guests getting lost on their way to the wedding venue and arriving late. It will cause an unwanted delay in the commencement of the ceremonies. You can make some arrangements for your guests like booking a few vehicles or a bus to accommodate most of them and make it convenient for your guests.

* Not obtaining full information about the car hire company – There are a number of companies that provide wedding cars in Essex on rent. You should obtain the full contact information about the company you select so that situations like no-show and late arrival can be avoided. It may also happen that the car you want is not available with the car hire company and they rent it from another company. If you have the contact information of the car owner, there will be no chances for any ambiguity.

* Not reading the contract terms – When you are renting a car, you are signing a contract with the company which will have certain terms and conditions associated with it. No one expects for a mishap on such an important day of his life but such happenings never come with an indication. You should educate yourself about who will be held responsible for the expenses in case any mishap occurs and what are the policies governing booking cancellation and refund if you change your mind later.

* Not keeping a cushion of time – The difference between your time of leaving for the wedding venue and reaching depends upon a number of factors like the route taken, the traffic conditions, etc. You should take an idea of all the routes available from your home to the venue so that the shortest route can be taken if the traffic conditions are favorable. You should plan the departure and arrival timings keeping a cushion of time so that all the ceremonies are performed at the expected time. has a huge collection of luxury cars that can be hired for special occasions. The company provides classic wedding cars in Essex and other neighboring areas in UK.

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