Why the NLP Buzz?

If you own a business that has been established for quite some time, you realize that the business will have employees that have grown out of the business practices of old. These established employees are a necessity to keep the foundation of the business strong, but what happens when the ideas of these employees no longer want to change and shift with the ever changing business world? NLP can help to bring each employee a new vision in life and see the future far more clearly than the past.

NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, was once thought of as a fluke. People could never be influenced through words to change the way they thought, felt and acted. But, as businesses quickly begin to pick up NLP practices, it seems that the fluke is now all a buzz and the business who choose NLP coaching are the ones with the most visionary futures and employees.

NLP is very similar to hypnosis in the fact that words are used to gently address changes that need to be made in the mind. This may seem invasive, but the opposite is actually true. Any business person who has sat through a 3 hour discussion on why the new business plans will help to grow the company will understand just how NLP is working to improve business. NLP is a safe alternative to spending hours sitting in a lecture setting and it works, simply put, it works.

As a growth technology, NLP is gaining speed by leaps and bounds. Businesses are recognizing the fact that the changes they wish to make are drastic, as they rightfully need to be in our business world today, and a seasoned employee will not change so drastically without breaking down the walls of the former thoughts and teachings. These walls are the ones that the business built through meeting after meeting, employee evaluation after evaluation. Changing a vision is not an easy task, but one that NLP can help to accomplish.

NLP allows this change in thought process with the use of words and phrases and gentle sessions. One of the most common misconceptions about NLP and hypnosis is that the people who choose to participate will end up doing the chicken dance all over the office. That is simply untrue. The ideas about hypnosis that many people have are centred on circus acts and television shows. Hypnotherapists that practice NLP with their business clients are not there to make a mockery of your business or your employees, they are there to teach and train just like any other instructor. They simply understand how the mind works and can makes changes that are often more drastic in a shorter amount of time.

If your business is one that needs to see the future and leave the past behind, take those seasoned employees with your. The buzz around NLP right now is strong and rightfully so. Business owners are seeing changes in their employees in as little as one session and the employees are happier, less stressed and more susceptible to change. Don’t change your employees, change the way they think, act and perform with NLP and jump in while the buzz is hot

Terry works all over the UK working extensively with individual and business clients helping them stop smoking, manage weight, manage stress, become more confident and helping to create generative change. He uses the latest techniques of hypnosis and NLP. Contact him at

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