When You Are Addicted To Smoking Cigarettes, You Might Have Other Addictions Too

If you smoke cigarettes, how often do you smoke them? Do you smoke a pack or more a day? Do you find yourself lighting one right after another? This would be called a chain smoker or an excessive smoker. We have a lot of them in this country today. There is no particular age group where chain smoking occurs. It can happen just as easily for a new smoker as it can with an older one. But normally, the longer you smoke, the more you might be inclined to smoke. If you work in a place or state that does not allow you to smoke inside, you might find yourself smoking as many as you can when you can instead of doing what would seem sensible and cut down your smoking.

The longer you find yourself doing this, the more often you will do it even if you are not at work. This situation can happen with several other things as well. Some of these might be drinking too much alcohol, doing certain drugs, or spending too much even gambling past your means. Smoking is an addictive habit and it often walks hand in hand with other addictions. If you have all of these problems combined, you might definitely need to seek professional help. Multiple addictions can be just too hard to overcome on your own. None of these habits are good for your health, emotionally or physically and in most cases, your family can be affected by additions as well.

When you want to quit doing anything excessively or at all, you will most likely need to change your lifestyle to some degree. If old habits or situations involve these excessive behaviors, then these circumstances, places, or people you will need to stay away from. This is really hard to do as some of your friends that are addicted to some of the same things you are will come around and tempt you. They might invite you to go places where you can smoke, drink, gamble, or worse. If you are trying to quit these kinds of addictions on your own, you might not have enough strength to tell them thank-you, but no. This is why it might be a good idea to fins someone that can help you stick to your guns like a support group or therapist.

Support groups or professional therapists can help with all of the temptations that will crop up while you are making changes in your life. This will be a big change in your life and the lives of those around you. You might lose some of your old friends, but you will end up making a lot of new ones. After you have finally overcame an addiction, you will feel so much better about yourself. You will be healthier and so much happier and so will your family.

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