What’s Killing the World’s Amphibians?


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  2. Karline H. Karline H.

    In my opinion, the change of the water in which Amphibiens live iis being changed by Chemtrails, which weakens them, so a fungus can get hold and destroys their skin. This fungus does not origin from one spot in the world. It exists all over the world and is a natural part of amphibias habitat. All it needs is a certain weakening of the Amphibien skin by certain changes of their inhabitat, the water. I have studied the desaese on european water salamanders at around 1986. The fungus on the skin can not be observed by the naked eye. Without instruments there are no changes visible. But the deseased animal starts to smell in a certain way. That was the first sign I had that a animal was infected with the fungus.

  3. Xavier Mahele Xavier Mahele

    Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis batrachochytrium salamandivorans

  4. Beth Achzet Beth Achzet

    Very Interesting video

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    So bottom line, BD = Bad Dude.

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    Best cameo ever.

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    "Do it for the noot noot" -Pingu

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    Damn France shipping in all thoughs frogs legs

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    this video is bugged for me, the audio repeats a few seconds in and from that point it lags behind the video.

  10. Jd Dm Jd Dm say they found the source of BD to come from africa? you dont say


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