What is the Most Exciting Way to Meet Other Singles?

Are you looking for love?
Are you single and tired of the lonely prospect of solo travel?
Do you like the idea of meeting other singles with similar interests?
Does the thought of international travel appeal to you?

Whether you’re looking for love, or just like the idea of meeting other singles and sharing some great times, singles vacations and single cruises could be the answer. The good news is that there are many options for you, regardless of your interests and budget.

Single and broke? No worries, solo travel is still a possibility. If you’re willing to take a modest vacation you’ll find many singles vacations that don’t cost a fortune. For example, there are many singles vacations that focus on backpacking and camping. Rather than staying in a 4 star hotel you’ll pitch a tent and sleep in the great outdoors. Gourmet meals will be replaced with delicious comfort foods cooked over an open fire. And excursions offered on singles cruises, such as jet skiing and snorkeling, will be substituted with adventurous activities that may include kayaking, hiking, and canoeing.

No, these options are not extravagant, but they can be incredibly enjoyable. There’s nothing quite like escaping life as we know it, and getting back to basics. Sitting by a campfire at night, gazing at the magnificent star studded sky can be exhilarating. And if you happen to connect with another single while vacationing, this is a perfect recipe for romance!

If the great outdoors is not your thing, and you just can’t wrap your head around the idea of sleeping in a tent, there are singles vacations available that are less expensive than single cruises and resort vacations. If you know where to look, you can find singles vacations that offer accommodations in cabins. And if you’re willing to share in some of the chores such as cooking and cleaning, you can reduce your costs and still have a great time.

Of course, there are a wide variety of choices for singles cruises, singles resorts, and solo travel tours. Would you believe that single cruises can be found for less than two hundred dollars? If you consider the fact that cruise prices include food and accommodations, do you think this could be an affordable vacation for you?

If you’re not fortunate enough to live within driving distance of the departure port, you’ll have to add the cost of airfare. You’re almost always better off to book your airfare yourself, rather than to bundle it with the cost of the cruise. This will give you greater flexibility and usually a better price.

One very popular destination for single cruises from the U.S. is the Bahamas. This tropical Caribbean vacation spot has much to offer. Just picture yourself strolling along gorgeous white sand beaches, listening to the gentle crashing of the waves and looking out onto the beautiful turquoise water. With warm, sunny weather and countless activities available for daytime and nighttime fun, what’s not to love?

Whether you prefer to take advantage of the many water sports available, enjoy duty free shopping in the huge international bazaar, take your chances in the casinos, or relax on an exotic beach while sipping frozen cocktails, your days will never be boring. Once the sun goes down, the nightlife in the Bahamas is hot hot hot! The many dining options, live entertainment, clubs, and casinos will make you wish you never had to sleep. But then, you can always sleep tomorrow on the beach, right?

Your Bahamas cruise is most likely to arrive in Nassau or Freeport. Due to the close proximity of this area to Florida, most cruise lines depart from Miami, Port Canaveral, or Fort Lauderdale, Fla. You can book a cruise for as little as two to four nights, which is a very popular option if you’re interested in singles cruises. Just think, you can actually enjoy an incredible vacation that is affordable, meet other singles, and take little or no time away from work!

Do you get seasick? Don’t like the idea of being confined on a ship? Maybe single cruises aren’t the best idea for you. Don’t despair, there are many singles vacations available that offer hotel and resort vacations. Some are all inclusive. Your options are practically endless, from exotic beach resorts in tropical locations, to bus tours in faraway countries, to backpacking and staying in hostels overseas.

As you can see, there is no reason that solo travel should be counted out of your vacation plans, just because you’re single. Just figure out your budget, carefully decide where you would like to visit, and get on the Internet to book your trip. Whether you’re looking for love, or just want to experience the world with other singles your age, singles vacations and single cruises can be an affordable, exciting way to break free from loneliness and have a great time.

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