What Can Speed Reading Software Achieve?

In our daily lives, we are continually inundated by multitudes of information. The television, internet and newspapers are forever flooding us with a barrage of information and there seems to be no respite from this. We need to make the right choices by discarding what is redundant, by casting cursory glances at what is trivia and by reading comprehensively, matter that could be essential to us. The last, of course, is the most difficult part and poses quite a challenge both in business and academic circles. In such situations, we often end up wondering whether there exists speed reading software which could make reading easier. The best speed reading software must be able to teach us both speed reading and comprehension of complex and unfamiliar concepts simultaneously.

There are many online speed-reading training vendors who insist that their product is the Best Speed Reading Software available in the market. Some even boast of being able to enhance your reading speed by a whopping ten times from your present capacity. Can this be true? Before we can answer this question let us first try to understand the mechanics of speed reading.

What Is Speed Reading?

Here we shall consider speed reading by a college level reader who is reading material that is devoid of the need to comprehend highly complex concepts, scientific or otherwise.

To start with, the reader looks at a word or a group of words in just a quarter of a second. This is called as fixation. Then the person moves his or her eyes to the next set of words in just one-tenth of a second. This is termed as saccade. Thereafter, the reader pauses to grasp what is read, which takes a maximum of half a second. If you add these fixations, saccades and comprehension together, you end up computing the reading speed of most of the college level readers which works out to be between 200-400 words per minute. This speed is good enough in most cases.

How much faster can a person read? Can the best fast reading software enhance a person's reading skill exponentially? Possibly no, but a speed-reading software can perhaps teach you to train your eyes to see more at a fixation. This is somewhat akin to broadening your visual focal area. Possibly, the Best Speed Reading Software can even train you to fixate at thousands of words per minute.

Will this help you grasp the material that you are reading? We need to balance the benefits of being able to "see" thousands of words per minute with concurrent increase and the extent to which we are able to comprehend and retain. A noticeable improvement in fixation is understandable. However, there needs to be a visible enhancement in comprehension too, before one can conclude that the best speed reading software has positive benefits.

Fast reading software must address the issue by explaining how it will train readers to augment their ability to grasp whatever is read fast. This is a vital aspect from the point of view of both academic and business people, because this is where success matters most, particularly, in a knowledge economy.

BestSpeedReadingSoftware.org helps people in making the right decision while buying best speed reading software from the market. Each product is comprehensively tested, assessed and compared with others on various parameters such as performance, ease of use and price.
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