Wellness Leader Summit 2017: Harrisburg, PA

Wellness Leader Summit 2017: Harrisburg, PA
Event on 2017-06-16 18:00:00
Friday Evening: 6:00 - 9:00 PM Elite and Above Leadership Development Training (Free for Qualified Wellness Advocates) **To attend this event, Wellness Advocates must have hit the rank of Elite or above within 3 months prior to this event. dōTERRA recognizes that many of our members have a desire to make a huge impact and influence more lives as they share and build with dōTERRA. With that in mind, our Leadership Training is designed to teach you the skillset and mindset needed to become an influential and effective leader. Learn from our Top Experts in Leadership Development on topics such as: Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Nurturing Relationships Crucial Conversations Leadership vs Management/ Enabling vs Empowering The Art of MentoringServant Leadership How Effective Appreciation Drives Business Results Time Management

at Radisson Hotel Harrisburg
1150 Camp Hill Bypass
Camp Hill, United States

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