Week 111 chemo complete: Mar blood test results – Cancer levels remain stable

Week 111 chemo complete: Mar blood test results – Cancer levels remain stable
Positive Attitude
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(CC) Phillip Jeffrey. Feel free to use this photo. I request that you link back to the original picture on Flickr and credit as shown above.

Keep moving forward.

I’m happy to report that my March blood test results show my cancer levels remain stable. I was a bit worried that my M Protein – cancer levels marker, would continue to trend upward, I’m thankful, that was not the case.

M protein (g/L)
Mar = 3.0
Feb = 3.5
Jan = 3.3
Dec = 2.4
Nov = 3.3
March 2016 = 3

Keeping a positive attitude + healthy mindset helps me through each day.

Photo: Friday morning I travelled to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver. My plan was to take a self-portrait walking across the log, however this experience exposed some of my physical limitations. I set my camera on a 10sec timer and then tried to run to the log, jump up, walk across the log, and then pose. That proved quite difficult.

The myeloma/cancer in my bone marrow continue to weaken my bone structure so I don’t have the ability to walk across and balance successfully on the log. I spent a significant amount of time, trying to mirror the image in my mind, but in the end I left, without the “perfect” shot I wanted. All good though, I was happy to spend time in the forest.

Recap: Since Feb 2015 I’ve been on chemo treatment for a rare cancer of the immune system. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that affects the plasma cells, a type of immune cell that produces antibodies that fight infection. These plasma cells are found in my bone marrow. Multiple myeloma is incurable, but treatable.

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