Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Collector’s Box Set

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Collector's Box Set

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Collector's Box Set
Just in time for the holidays This collection of books identical to the individual volumes ships shrinkwrapped, with the two hardcovers Race to Death Valley (volume 1) and Trapped on Treasure Island (volume 2), , packed in a sturdy custom box designed especially for this set. The perfect gift item.Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: "Race to Death Valley" Relive Mickey s race to a gold mine with Pegleg Pete hot on his heels; Mickey s life on the lam after being framed for bank robbery; even Mickey s ringside battle with a hulking heavyweight champ The premiere volume features a dozen different adventures starring Mickey, his gal Minnie and her uncle Mortimer, his pals Horace Horsecollar and Butch, the villainous Pegleg Pete, and the mysterious and shrouded Fox. Gottfredson s vibrant visual storytelling has never been more beautifully reproduced; we promise the best reprinting the strip has ever seen, with each daily lovingly restored from Disney s original negatives and proof sheets. Death Valley also includes more than 50 pages of fascinating supplementary features, including rare behind-the-scenes art and vintage publicity material from the first two years of the strip. Critics, scholars, seasoned Disney archivists, and fellow cartoonists provide commentary and historical essays on the strip s creation and execution.Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: "Trapped on Treasure Island" Oh, for gosh sakes Floyd Gottfredson s classic 1930s Mickey Mouse is back for another round of thrills, chills, and epic quests taking him from the depths of teeming jungles to the halls of spooky Blaggard Castle. Mickey s classic Disney bad guys are here, too, with arch-enemy Pegleg Pete joined for this book by the mysterious Bill Shakespeare and hypnosis-happy Professors Ecks, Doublex, and Triplex In this book you ll relive Mickey s fight with pirates on desolate Treasure Island; his quest with Goofy to catch ruthless counterfeiters; and his battles to save windy Horace Horsecollar from mad scientists, a robbery frame-up and himself Lovingly restored from Disney s original negatives and proof sheets, Mickey Mouse: Trapped on Treasure Island also includes more than 50 pages of fascinating supplementary features. You ll enjoy rare behind-the-scenes art, vintage publicity material, and vivid commentary by a full team of seasoned Disney scholars. Walt Disney often said that his studio s success all started with a mouse and today Mickey is among the world s most recognizable icons in the world. Now it s time to rediscover the wild, unforgettable personality behind the icon: Floyd Gottfredson s Mickey Mouse.
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