1. Puzzoozoo Puzzoozoo

    A 6 foot long sea scorpion is after a meal, and meets a bigger 9 foot version and becomes the meal. lol

  2. No Gods or Kings Just Men No Gods or Kings Just Men

    Thats good, always fact check. When you assume you make an ass of u and me 🙂

  3. melinco1939 melinco1939

    of all the species none have exceeded 150 cm, and i have corroborated with other sites, not just the totally unreliable wikipedia.

  4. No Gods or Kings Just Men No Gods or Kings Just Men

    Yeah cause wikipedia is a totally reliable source of information. Which species of Anomalacaris?

  5. No Gods or Kings Just Men No Gods or Kings Just Men

    Then you must be one dumb motherfucker. So Man was made from dirt and women from Adams rib right? And the Sun moves round the Earth? Cause the church tried Galileo for heresy so it must right? And the earth is only 6000 years old, and was made in seven days? Come on the bible was written by primitives for primitive minds

  6. Hunter Hunter

    Lol theres always a bigger fish

  7. Angel Jacobo Angel Jacobo

    I was watching this on netflix but they only have 3 episodes 🙁 anymore i dont know of?

  8. Kevin Jacobson Kevin Jacobson

    Yeah, belief is the key word in you statement.

  9. gckbowers411 gckbowers411

    you dont need to be streamlined if you're crawaling and not swimming.

  10. zekromsucks zekromsucks

    1:11 hey look, an anorith

  11. melinco1939 melinco1939

    has anyone else looked up anomalacaris on Wikipedia and found that it is only 90 cm according to wiki.

  12. 13thmistral 13thmistral

    you cut sertain things out of this shit
    one down, dont make that happen again please

  13. Danny Perski Danny Perski

    I find it funny that religious people are watching this. This is what reality looks like, kids.


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