Videos for Cats to Watch Birds : Rooks, Jackdaws and Crows Extravaganza

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    • avatar C B 1

      18:33 quite a good greetings card too 😉

      • avatar C B 1

        please make the image on 18:21 a greetings card and let me know when I can buy it. also please post it on crazy for corvids on Facebook, they will love it! ❤️❤️

        • avatar Renée Burgevin 1

          Hey you forgot to mention Mallards, waddling across the scene! But really – the Corvid family is the highlight and is so interesting, I am from the US – had to look up which were Rooks, which Jackdaws. I think I got more out of this than Cyrus the cat :-)

          • avatar Jojo Sagewitch 0

            My cat is picky on what she watches (yes I spoil her) but she loved this, she was glued to the entire video and her eyes were darting about following the birds, with the odd duck and squirrel thrown in for good measure hehe. She is currently an indoor cat but only temporarily due to reasons too much to explain, previously an outdoor cat, so this video gave her the sights and sounds she loves to keep her going until it's safe to allow her to explore the outside world once again. Thanks for the video.

            • avatar Roelof den Otter 0


              • avatar CD D 1

                Are these Ravens or Crows? Fun to watch

                • avatar Arti 1

                  I loved this. Please could we have one of ravens too? Might be more difficult to get them as they are not as close to people.

                  • avatar Róbertné,Ilona Szemethy 1

                    Köszönöm !

                    • avatar Private Idaho 0

                      I'm not sure you should teach your cat to fool around with these clever birds. It will end badly for the cat

                      • avatar donald wycoff 1

                        Our cat was glued to this video for the duration. Well done!

                        • avatar Jane Metcalfe 0

                          Wow, are those rooks at the beginning of the video? Those beaks are amazing! The biggest black bird I have seen around here is a crow and he/she had a big, black beak. I do know that jackdaws have the grey caps and eyes and there are a few of those in these parts..that's 'cos I feed them lol.

                          • avatar Clarissa Deleon 1

                            Hi Im a cat.Meow.

                            • avatar coolcat Ali 0

                              the swans in the background made me laugh

                              • avatar Ptako Man 0


                                • avatar zinger521 1

                                  About half way in the video a crow flys off the screen my cat went after it…

                                  • avatar Lee Schaefer 1

                                    My black cat Sophia is completely mesmerized…..

                                    • avatar 1greenMitsi 1

                                      my cat is losing his shit on this

                                      • avatar catlover101catlover 0

                                        Meow meow..meow meow….MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!