Use Affirmations to Manifest Anything You Desire

Have you used affirmations before? Some say affirmations just don’t work for them. Some people will also tell you that you cannot make money on the stock market. The fact is that many many people make it huge with the stock market.

Where am I going with this?

Nay sayers just do not know how to make affirmations work for them. Pick any subject and you can surely create and affirmation on it. But the magic to getting them work is how they can change the way you feel. After I am done with an affirmation I am buzzing. I think most people have some inner self talk that just cancels out the good. You probably know what I am talking about. You say a nice affirmation and your inner talk says “that is just not true”.

Your ego likes to argue with you and disagree with you. This is when you need to control your mind and your ego. You have total control. You control your thinking and not the other way around. Now, the key is to feel the feelings of your affirmation as if they have already happened. So it you are affirming “I am rich” you need to feel rich when you say the affirmation. Play the part. Really feel it. When you do affirmations this way and repeat enough, they are pure magic.

Your words have no power. It is the feeling that the words provide that have the power. So choose the words that inspire and excite you – as if it is already real.

Your affirmation could be a single word. For example: riches or lean or wealth or love. If these words bring powerful feelings … then I’d say you should affirm them. I used to affirm “be love”. This was a strong reminder for me to BE more loving. This especially worked for me when I was not in a great mood at the time.

To make affirmations really work for you – you need to practice each day. Set aside some time and really do them. Make sure you invoke a feeling change for the better. You can even write out affirmations or even type them out. The key is a feeling change. Without it, you are likely wasting your time.

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