Trojan Horses – What They Are and How You Can Protect Your Computer From Them

Do you enjoy using the internet to socialize with friends or to shop online? If you do, you may consider yourself somewhat computer savvy, but you may be unsure of many computer terms and technicalities, especially those concerning computer viruses and other malicious files. In the past, this uncertainty was acceptable, but today, it may result in damage to you or your computer.

Today, one of the biggest concerns associated with computers and internet use is that of computer viruses. Computer viruses can infect and damage your computer in more ways than one. For example, your computer mail outright fail, you may lose valuable data stored on your computer, or you may find yourself a victim of identity theft. That is why all internet users, no matter how little or often the internet is used, are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these potentially dangerous files.

As previously stated, computer viruses should be a concern of yours if you use the internet. Unfortunately, many novice internet users do not realize that computer viruses and other harmful files come in a number of different formats. These formats include traditional viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses. Although each of these should be a concern of yours, you will want to take the time to familiarize yourself with Trojan Horses, as they have the potential to cause much harm.

Trojan Horses do not multiple or replicate themselves, like many other computer viruses and worms, do. With that in mind, they are still very dangerous to your computer and possibly even your finances. Trojan Horses are dangerous in the fact that they disguise themselves as “good,” computer files and programs. Once triggered, the results can not only be frustrating, but costly as well. The problem with Trojan Horses is that many are created to cause different types of damage. If a Trojan Horses is unleashed on your computer, you may find yourself missing important data, the victim of identity theft, or you may find it difficult to operate your computer in general.

Although Trojan Horses have the potential to cause great harm, there are a number of steps that you can take to protect yourself. For starters, it is important to examine your internet use. All internet users need to be careful of the websites that they visit and the files that they download. Many Trojan Horses come from email attachments and other unsafe computer downloads. By knowing the source of all information downloaded or viewed on your computer, you stand a good chance of never having to deal with the negative consequences of a Trojan Horse.

Another relatively easy way to protect your computer from a Trojan Horse is by keeping your computer’s anti-virus software up-to-date. Perhaps, first it is important to make sure that you are using anti-virus software. If so, be sure that your software is set to automatically scan for viruses, as well as automatically update all terms and definitions. This can help to protect your computer from a Trojan Horse with little or no work on your part. Also, be sure to examine your computer’s firewall settings. Constant notifications of potentially dangerous files may get tiring after awhile, but a high firewall setting can provide you with invaluable protection.

Now that you are familiar with Trojan Horses, how to prevent them, as well as the damage that they can cause, you have the best line of defense; knowledge.

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