1. Jayson Taraji Jayson Taraji

    OMG!she's rude!

  2. Wiff Sniff Blocker Wiff Sniff Blocker

    Paul and Jennifer have touched my heart. Their openness and willing to power through their fears to come out in the light of LOVE. Paul's promise is so full of ENERGY. I can feel the depth of his promise. Im a better person because of watching this. Thank you Tony, Jennifer and Paul.

  3. Marcus Selassie Marcus Selassie

    I'd call Jen a cunt , but she lacks the depth and warmth

  4. Viva Xio Viva Xio

    This has really opened up my eyes, I could cry. Tony you are a blessing, thank Jen and Paul for being brave and courageous!

  5. rita smith rita smith

    I am out here to testify of your great work, my husband is back to me with the kids and leave the other woman at his working place, with your spell and he is in love with me now as you said, and he said there is no need for divorce and he apologized for all the pains he cost me and my kids thanks to the holy prophet, if you need his help his email is [holyprophet8@gmail.com], your spell work fast and I am so happy to share your testimony….. rita

  6. Nola West Nola West

    Tony Nails it AGAIN….

  7. Nola West Nola West

    29:47 OUCH! DANG LADY!

  8. Nola West Nola West

    Boy, how she corrects him….. that would make me feel small if I was consistently being corrected by my wife! lol, wait-wait-wait… I'm a mommy of two children & single, not worried about if I find a man because God is in on my daily decisions, but I'm speaking for him [her husband]. – I wouldn't like my husband / partner to correct me in front of 2000 people – oops, I mean 4000 people…

  9. Clara Babo Clara Babo

    Eu só admito que uma relação conjugal possa falhar por influência e CULPA de terceiros …….porque se a culpa é dos próprios conjugues …..e ……eles próprios tomaram a decisão de se deixarem , penso que poderá acontecer de novo ! …… Nunca se devem deixar e devem pensar bem antes de se deixarem e admitir as culpas …….mas ……se a razão é SUFICIENTEMENTE forte para se deixarem , é muito provável que aconteçam mais vezes ! …..

  10. Rhonda Thompson Rhonda Thompson

    This is the first time I listen to Tony Robbins. Very impressive. Good insight on how to build a relationship. It all starts with you. You have to heal yourself before you can love anyone else. Looking forward to more of his messages.

  11. Alexus Barrientos Alexus Barrientos

    Tony is being bias to men in this video

  12. amira hassouna amira hassouna

    Wow!!!… just wow!!!

  13. nicola anis nicola anis

    only uncivilized cowards seek divorce as a solution. In olden days there is NO Divorce & every family is 100% successful. From the day Divorce is implemented, every single women started taking Divorce as a BEST SOURCE OF EARNINGS. Just start marrying each month a NEW Husband & each Month the Wife is a Millionier…………..!!!……..Like this by end of a Year…assuming each Divorced husband having 2 Millions of earnings………………..the Single Women who has married each month a NEW Husband with 12 Divorces…………she will own 12 Millions by end of Year………….very good business on the name of Marriage & Divorce. So, if there is NO Divorce at all…………….ther will be only ONE Family in once single LIFE time…………which is GOOD & Best irrespective of all difficulties.

  14. kterbo kterbo

    I watched this twice. It's very moving and I love their bond and realizations as they move deeper into this video. Appreciation!

  15. Jennifer Virtue Jennifer Virtue

    Best video in marriage ever!

  16. Elizabeth Shaw Elizabeth Shaw

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  17. Katie Mayflower Katie Mayflower

    sooo annoying!  false advertising!


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