The Way To Identify If Your Pet Has Fleas And Other Insects

If you’re wondering the way to know whether your pet has fleas and other insects here are some simple methods for you.

Take a close look:

Firstly, take a close look at your dog. Check the parts around your dog’s ears, neck, legs, at the base of the dog’s hair and the base of its tail. These areas need specific focus since fleas and other insects focus on these areas. Fleas and other insects are extremely small and black in color. These quick-moving insects aren’t simple to identify. However, if you see closely you will see them. You can even search for flea dirt on the ground.

Utilize Flea Comb:

Take a damp paper and put it on the ground. Now make your pet stand on top of the damp towel. Then you definitely should clean your pet with a flea comb. Notice cautiously. If you observe that small specks of black are turning red, ensure that your pet has fleas and other insects.

For Indoor Pets:

Clean up your pet one or more times in a week. Cleaning your home on once a week basis is usually necessary. There are several natural flea control shampoos and conditioners available in the market. Use any of those shampoos to wash your pet. Make sure you vacuum and clean the floors, particularly the area where your pet rests.

You should wash your pet’s bed in soapy warm water. You can combine lavender oil to it as important oils are great as natural flea resistant. Other methods you need to use include steam cleaning your carpet. Make certain your home isn’t damp.

For Outdoor Pets:

You are able to follow the same guidance for outdoor pets. On the other hand, you should just go for a weekly lawn cleaning routine. Your lawn must get sufficient experience of sunlight so the heat can kill flea larvae. Also, water your lawn occasionally. Don’t try to reduce ants in your lawn because they eat flea larvae.

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