The Truth About Life, Happiness and Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Society today teaches us that in order to be successful we must work hard, keep our eyes on the finish line and do whatever it takes. We spend our whole lives being motivated by these words, dedicating ourselves to climbing the proverbial corporate ladder in the pursuit of happiness, only to discover when we reach the top that life in the C-suite is just as cold and lonely as it was when we were standing at the bottom looking up.

If you've got everything you've ever wanted, why aren't you happy? Because happiness doesn't come from the trip u pthe corproate ladder. It's not like that corner office you know you can earn if you can just work hard enough. Happiness cannot be earned. It's far too intangible.

Neither can it be bought, bartered or bargained with. Happiness doesn't come from the outside, but from within. That's why the lights at the top of that corporate ladder aren't nearly as bright as you think they are when you're standing at the bottom looking up.

You can climb to the top of the ladder, but if you don't change the bulbs to ones that are going to glow even more brightly the view's going to be just as dim.

The question is, how do you change those bulbs? If you've done everything you can to get ahead and do the things you thought you needed to do to find happiness and it wasn't enough, how do you light up your life and discover the peace and happiness you've been searching for. The simple answer is-you can't. No one can.

If we could create our own happiness there would be no more drug use. There would be no violence. There would be no rape or suicide or murder or abandonment or rejection or any of the multitude of other horrors that are so abundant in the world. If climbing the coporate ladder really brought about peace and happiness there wouldn't be so many CEOs suffering heart attacks, angina, hypertension and other stress related illnesses every year.

Rising to the top of your field feels good, but it's not going to bring you the happiness you've been looking for. That comes from within, and the only way to achieve that kind of happiness is through a personal relationship with Christ. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God,and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33).

When you first seek a relationship with Christ the dark, empty spots in your soul will be filled. Those things you thought you were missing will suddenly be there, and the things you thought you needed to achieve will suddenly be put into their proper perspective.

Seeking Christ doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to rise in our field; however, as Stan Sanderson (author of "The Big Lie" and The Spiritual Coach Program) teaches, we shouldn't allow success to be our idol. Seek Christ and work toward success, and you'll find the two will meet very nicely to give you the peace and happiness you've been searching for.

Ray Subs is a public relations specialist working with Stan Sanderson of the Spiritual Coach Program. To learn more about the Spiritual Coach Program and his book, "The Big Lie," visit the Spiritual Coach website.
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