1. janetitus1 janetitus1

    Would never vote NDP

  2. Dennis McConnell Dennis McConnell

    Wish the sound was better I have the sound slider maxed out and can still barely hear what they're saying. 🙁

  3. Khemetian Dragon Khemetian Dragon

    love the moment of ashton and angus chatting in the middle was waiting for the moderators to be like hey?

  4. roxasfrevr roxasfrevr

    Charlie! A from a Northern Ontarian brother to another we've got your back!

  5. frabrex frabrex

    I think Ashton and Angus are the best candidates, but I dont mind any of them

  6. Tom T. Tom T.

    The reason why I voted NDP in the past was because of the social economic policies, and electoral reform. This has just become absurd. Most of the time you are debating non-issues and what values you should have with respect to them. Candidates rarely propose any concrete measures or policies on anything, regardless of if it actually needs changing, all they do is complain about Trudeau. Voting reform was my #1 issue last time, it's been dismissed by Trudeau, and it's also been dismissed by this panel – no talk of MMP, STV… nothing, just side-tracking into "other things Trudeau has done wrong".

    The sad thing is that there actually are a lot of disadvantaged people in this Country who the conservatives don't represent. They won't be represented by you either if you don't actually say something about what you would do for them.

    I may consider voting for Charlie or Peter, if they stop wasting time complaining and come up with some policies. Also, Niki is derailing your whole discussion. She has extreme positions, and just having her here is going to hurt the party somewhat – which is not to say that she shouldn't be there, but when coming up with questions, you should be aiming to try and capture as many people in the country as possible, not just self-described feminists, so I see problems in the way this is run too.

    You're never going to win unless you come up with a plan to help everyone. Go back to how you did it with Jack and Tom, because you're losing me here NDP… and you don't have much support as it is.

  7. JBML007 JBML007

    that lady is extremely polarizing and would be extremely bad for the NDP

  8. Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson

    You cannot have a transition to a green economy without the Labour movement. Jobs in solar and wind right now are paying under 20/hr. with no pension and benefits. What type of retirement will they have 30 years down the road? This is why the Labour movement is important. You cannot care about trees and forget about the workers that plant them.


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