The Empowered Women On The Move Tour Las Vegas

The Empowered Women On The Move Tour Las Vegas
Event on 2017-06-24 13:00:00
The Empowered Women On The Move Tour we will be used as a source of inspiration, motivation and empowerment to get others to dream and or dream again. We will use our own life stories of how we pushed passed our own hardships, struggles, trials and tribulations to reach our true destiny and our greater purpose in life.  This tour is created to empower, inspire and motivate others, especially women to push pass their own life obstacles and barriers to reach their full potential and life purpose. Our Mission To use our life stories to empower, motivate and inspire others to push pass their life pains for their greater purpose in life. To inspire and motivate others to dream and dream again no matter what they may be going through in their lives. The Empowered Women On The Move Tour consist of some amazing, powerful, motivating, inspiring and empowering women from different states and different walks of life, who has gone through the trials and tribulations of life pains, hurts and hardships, but has learned how to use those pains, hurts and hardship for our divine purpose in life. We are keen on building their self-esteem, character, confidence, integrity, dignity and self-help and self-reliance skills. We understand that we may not always be able to be there for every person whom we meet during our tour, however, we will be able to offer workshops along with important information that they will be able to utilize to assist them in making right choices, as well as teaching them how to respect themselves and others, and how to process their life pains for their greater life purpose.

at Club His Hop
3945 E Patrick Ln.
Las Vegas, United States

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