the dinner school from july 2013 repost

the dinner school from july 2013 repost
Mind Development
(to be known as "the D school" — a new form of preliminary education for children ages 3 – 6)

The purpose of the D school is to uplift the current state of u.s. education by creating radically fun developmental advancement in young people through hands-on approaches into abstract thought with practical results — merging the ideals with actual reality, while simultaneously providing a holistic outlook for family creation and well-being.

The D school breaks these fundamental concepts down into tangible, relational, and interactive studies.

the D school will have a conjoined garden area where the children, depending on which year they are enrolled in, will be responsible for different elements of upkeep, maintenance and harvesting. The children will be taught how to plant, how to clone, and how to propagate plants of all kinds.

The value of water, plants, oxygen, and life itself are all represented in the cycle and seasons of weather and time. Emphasis upon this will teach children the value of the calendar, the value of the weather system, and preliminary insights into biology and the greater kingdom of Flora.

Geometry will be taught using pool tables and billiards. By learning how to Bank shots and to leave the cue ball in different places the fundamental precepts of horizontal geometry can take place. This is the basis for a form of abstract thinking which will allow all children whether they are concrete thinkers or abstract thinkers to begin to reach into the abstract world of conjugation and thought. Plus, who could possibly resist miniature pool tables for three-year-olds, four-year-olds, five-year-olds, and six Year olds?

Synergy and collaboration will be taught using music. Music by its fundamental nature of collaboration is useful for teaching timing, redirection, and collaboration. By learning to work together and follow the direction of the leader, teamwork can be achieved through a very natural and fulfilling release of human energy.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important feature of the D school, is the concept of chemistry and physics.

Because so much modern education is based on abstract thought but has no concrete values or structures given to students in reality, much goes missing. Cooking is the fundamental way to teach a child how to succeed in chemistry and physics. The idea of proportions and ratios is everything in the sciences.

Cooking fundamentally teaches children equational results. If you make a cake you are required to have at least a bare minimum of different variables to succeed. recipes ARE equations!!!!

By using the products of the adjoining garden and other healthy products locally sourced, the D school will assist and teach the children how to make/prepare dinner for their parents and family every night.

The great success of the D school will be based on the ability of the children to feed their parents as well as to be educated in a holistic manner which far exceeds the current model we have at our disposal.

Some of the natural byproducts of the school system and its ingenious outlook towards family development, is that the community of students and their associated family members will grow strong together by feeding and sharing their lives at a fundamental level.

the D school also values the idea of intra-teaching where children are teachers to and for themselves.

Overall, through a process of highly integrated fun and living projects, the children of the D school will be able to expand their abstract minds as well as have incredible hands on training. Plus, what parent wouldn’t love to have a delicious, nutritious and wholesome dinner brought home every night?!

THE DINNER SCHOOL is a trademarked concept.

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