The Consequences Of Drug Addictions On The Body

All addictions are harmful for the body because any excess can cause damages to the organs and to the general state of health. However, drug addictions seem to be the worst of all and they can be controlled only is specialized centers, like drug rehab clinics. The destructive path that ends in a short life span must be ended immediately under professional guidance.

The effects of the drugs can be of both short and long term. However, if drug consumption doesn’t stop, the path is extremely destructive. The drug addict begins by loosing temporary control over his body, loss that can end up in being permanent after a certain period of time. The drug addict is characterized by tremor, dilatation of the pupils, appetite loss, insomnia and agitation. Moreover, his skin ages rapidly, the eyes sink and the dentition is affected severely.

The first effects of the drugs are very attractive for the users. Drugs trigger the reward circuit and determine the brain to release high doses of dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are responsible for the well being of the body and create a euphoric state of mind. Unfortunately this happens only in the first stages and soon the addict is confronted with the need of increasing the dose of drugs to get the same results. The over-stimulation of the reward circuit leads to the brain readapting to the new conditions, the production of hormones decreases and some receptors are inhibited. Soon, the drug addict gets to feel good only when taking drugs and after a period of time even these stimulators do not work anymore.

The fact that the addict increases the quantity of drugs he introduces in the body leads to a certain tolerance of the organism. This means that the physical adaptation results in the reduced pleasure even when increasing the amount of stimulators. This can be explained by the fact that the dopamine is not released naturally, but only under the effect of artificial stimulation, since the normal activities no longer give the feeling of satisfaction.

The radical changes in the body can lead to severe insufficiencies and failures of the main organs. Most of them can be lethal if measures are not taken immediately. Moreover, most people who suffer from addictions get to a point when they introduce more drugs in the organism than it can handle. This leads to an overdose, which results many times in sudden deaths. Fortunately there are ways to keep the addiction under control and to fight against the destructive consequences. These measures must always be taken under medical supervision in drug rehab center.

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