The Changes In The Body Of A Drug Addict

All addictions are harmful for the body because any excess can cause damages to the organs and to the general state of health. However, drug addictions seem to be the worst of all and they can be controlled only is specialized centers, like drug rehab clinics. The destructive path that ends in a short life span must be ended immediately under professional guidance.

Almost all drug addicts show the same short term symptoms that are really hard to hide. This means that they have tremors, they cannot control their body movements as easy as a normal person, their pupils dilate, they lose appetite and are generally extremely agitated. Even the structure of the face suffers from transformations, as the skin ages rapidly and gets pale and the teeth rot.

The initial effects of drugs are very attractive. A drug addict feels a euphoric sensation that only a few other bodily processes can provide. This is because they trigger the reward system in the brain, which commands the release of two important hormones: dopamine and serotonin.
Unfortunately this state of euphoria and physical well being is only in the beginning. The brain begins soon to realize that the release of hormones is stimulated artificially and adapts to the new conditions. The addict needs to increase the dose to get the same sensations. However, with time, even high dosages of drugs cannot determine the brain to increase the production of dopamine and serotonin. This refusal can be caused by either the adaptation process or by the inhibiting of some receptors.

The fact that the addict increases the quantity of drugs he introduces in the body leads to a certain tolerance of the organism. This means that the physical adaptation results in the reduced pleasure even when increasing the amount of stimulators. This can be explained by the fact that the dopamine is not released naturally, but only under the effect of artificial stimulation, since the normal activities no longer give the feeling of satisfaction.

Drug addictions do not only alter the bodily functions, but can lead to sudden deaths. Overdoses are most of the times lethal or have irreversible effects on the body. The only solution in the case of drug addicts is seeking immediate help in drug rehab centers. In such clinics some of the effects of the addiction on the body can be ameliorated, but the long term treatment should never end.

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