The Best Wedding Dress Dry cleaners

Wedding dress carries innumerable memorable moments of the once-in-a-lifetime occasion! Cleaning and storing it is quite a humongous task, and need utmost care and patience to do so, not to mention the time required. However with the advent of Wedding Dress Dry Cleaner, one can be assured of 100% satisfaction. Theyoffer the most reliable solution ensuring total care, with the promise of removing all types of stains without damaging the fabric.

Australia's largest and the most popular cleaning service, they provide quick and trouble-free service in any part of the country. Ready to offer help at the time of need, their rates can be checked without any obligation through free quotes. The veterans in this field, Wedding Dress Dry Cleanerteam have wide range of services and skills that can easily cover all the cleaning needs. Just a phone call away, they can be contacted at 0435-816-547 via phone or emailed at These professionals work 7 days a week, from 9 AM - 10 PM and will work from any location the customers prefer. Replete with free pick-up and delivery, the collection of the wedding dress from any address in Australia is another specialty of these dedicated professionals having more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, communication and easy reach are their fortes. They have 100% strike rate for cleaning all types of stain and innumerable customers vouch for their quality. Services offered include

* Boxing your dress wherein an acid free paper is inserted in the cleaned gown to maintain its shape for years to follow while also preventing yellowing of the wedding dress. Customers can choose the right box to have their memento stored
* Hotel pick-up offered across the greater metro Sydney and Melbourne. Ready to ensure complete cleaning of dresses that are as old as 40 years too, the team at Wedding Dress Dry Cleaner will pick up the dress from the doorstep, answer all the questions courteously, and clean it with an environment friendly, non-toxic solvent.
* Dress hanging wonderfully to keep the structure of the gown and preserving it beautifully
* General Pick-up to pick the clothes from the doorstep free of cost and deliver the cleaned attire without any hassles
* Stain Removal for 100% satisfaction
* Steam clean for cleaning the attire without damaging the fabric

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaner with friendly, professional and dedicated professionals offers the best services unmatched by any others. With prices starting from $ 245 for straight wedding gowns, $ 275 for slim line wedding gowns, $ 345 for A-Line Wedding Gowns and $ 385 for Full Wedding gowns, plus a few other factors affecting the price, their services are competitively priced. Checking their website helps the customers to know more about the factors which will impact on prices for a complete clean-up and the locations they offer services. This proud member of Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia is truly numero uno!

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