The Arena Detroit

The Arena Detroit
Event on 2017-06-09 15:30:00
“Think of the Arena Summit as equal parts spring training, group therapy, summer camp, and speed dating for progressives...The goal: to train a field team of inexperienced candidates, face hard truths about the past, forge lasting bonds between local communities, and help disparate organizations find their perfect match.” — WIRED Magazine Join our community of current and future political and civic leaders for a day and a half of motivation, training, and action planning. Our programming will include speeches and trainings from national, state, and local elected officials, political operatives, policy nerds, and activists. You will meet multiple candidates taking on incumbents who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Our preliminary schedule will be released later this month. Read about our past summits here and here. Agenda and speakers from previous events are available here and here. OPTIONAL PROGRAMMING On Friday starting at 11am a special optional guided tour of sites in Detroit, selected to highlight issues of interest to current and future leaders, will be available to participants who arrive early. We will explore manufacturing, urban neighborhood revitalization, and the unique challenges and opportunities Detroit faces post-bankruptcy, led by local and regional officials and policymakers leading the charge. The tour will start at approximately 11am and will depart from and return to Cobo Hall, the main Arena venue. On Friday, from 8am - 4:30pm, we will offer an all-day Public Narrative training, based on the Harvard University course and framework developed by Professor Marshall Ganz. A small-group setting, participants will work with coaches to develop their capacity to lead through exploring questions — through both the head and the heart — that enable individuals to identify their values and inspire action. This is a unique one-time opportunity and we only have a select number of slots. A short application is forthcoming. If you are interested in participating this special training and can commit to the full day (out-of-towners arriving Thursday evening), please indicate your interest on the ticket order form. TICKETS We are committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to attend the Summit can afford to attend. That’s why we offer three options: full price tickets that cover the full cost per person of the event, reduced price tickets that cover about 40% of the cost, and scholarship tickets. We work on an honor system, so please choose the ticket option that best reflects what you can contribute. We’ve also added an option for folks to contribute to our scholarship fund — to help others attend the event. FAQ 1. If I cannot afford the tickets to the event but want to attend, what should I do? Apply for a scholarship. Your chances of receiving a scholarship are extremely good. We review scholarship requests on a weekly basis. 2. What is the dress code for the event? Casual. 3. What if I can only make one of the two days of programming? We strongly recommend you make both days of programming because we will be breaking into small group cohorts throughout the event. These cohorts will action plan together and develop strong relationships that will endure beyond the event. 4. Will childcare be available? We are optimistic about our ability to offer childcare, but can't guarantee it. We are still working out the details. Please express your interest on the ticket order form. 5. Will meals be provided? Yes. Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch will be provided. 6. Who will be speaking at this event? As with prior Summits, we’ve lined up some major national and local political and civic leaders for the program and will be announcing our full slate in mid-May. 7. Is there video available from prior Summits? Here’s Jason Kander and Ravi Gupta in Nashville. 8. I would like to inquire about serving as a host. Whom should I contact? Email us! 9. I bought a ticket but I can't make it. Are tickets refundable or transferrable? Unfortunately, tickets are not refundable. We plan our Summits based on the number of tickets sold and must pay our vendors well in advance.

at Cobo Center
1 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, United States

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