1. Backlundit Backlundit

    more become a leader episodes

  2. Lightest Asian Lightest Asian

    this guy has the most annoying voice ive ever heard on youtube

  3. Yoonmai Yoonmai

    Video for Bill Gates Breakdown!! lol

  4. Mohammed Abbasi Mohammed Abbasi

    I have no subscribed 🙂

  5. Celina Choi Celina Choi

    For some period, Steve seemed little sad. I can see it in his facial expression.

  6. kessler kessler

    backward reasoning at its best

  7. arch michael mandin arch michael mandin


  8. Realistikk513 Realistikk513

    Steve Jobs could have been president.

  9. Phil Myez Phil Myez

    -So he united people with a purpose and vision constantly
    -His vision for Apple was simple
    -Had work that has a lasting impact and inspired people emotionally
    -He lived by his vision and made decisions by them, always enforced it and focused on it
    -He made people around him feel that they could do anything and possible to change the world
    -He made other business people mortal enemies to rile people up
    -He talked in metaphors, used emotional, human views like war and survival to engage people
    -Having an enemy made people work harder, enforcing it

    -Clear simple vision to motivate and excite people, then add on emotionally charged metaphor and added an element of a looming element

    -He had a lot of certainties and it made people sense that he believed in it and they jumped on the bandwagon
    Conviction helped by talking in certainty, talking like things had already happen

  10. Ben Simonton Ben Simonton

    Great explanation. That said, I think that Jobs willingness to allow people to do what they wanted to do (autonomy) and to help them to be their best were also key to his being able to lead Apple to excellence. This was proven by the 30+ years of research by Edward Deci, Richard Ryan et al, their Self-Determination Theory. I have also proved it in practice as a manager.

  11. Rafael Barreras Rafael Barreras

    unless your a sociopath lol

  12. Rafael Barreras Rafael Barreras

    Some of its choice and the way we say it, I agree but it is of dire belief someone has in another to make it happen.

  13. Grace Andrea Grace Andrea

    Leadership skills… direct, honest, open, listens, loyal, focus, prepares, self monitoring, great attitude, maintain confidentiality, clear communication, & ect.

  14. Thesuperabdiman Ali Thesuperabdiman Ali

    does this even work

  15. Bryan Cargill Bryan Cargill

    Is it just me or does this guy sound just like Pat Flynn?…

  16. cetar bahana cetar bahana

    this video is very inspired. everyone can learn to Steve jobs leadership. i wonder apple Inc defeat the Giant IBM domination.

  17. Sahil Balouria Sahil Balouria

    1 VISION 1:12
    2 Do Something that really matters 3:01
    3 Inspire People around you 4:12
    4 speak in high stake metaphor 5:20
    5 Have an Enemy 7:01
    6 conviction and Believe 8:02

  18. Bittu Singh Bittu Singh

    Agree! i am a fan of apple & specially steve jobs

  19. psychoclownboy psychoclownboy

    Conviction is not something you can obtain.  You either have it or you don't.  It's who you are. It's in your soul. It IS your soul.  That is why Steve Jobs made it look so easy.  He already saw himself in the football end zone while others were still deciding what sport to play.

  20. Hui Huang Hui Huang

    really enjoy the machnism that how you analyzed and teased out importances. Why is always inspiring for me to study. Great job. 🙂


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