St. Helena’s Farmers Market Tour & Cooking Class

St. Helena's Farmers Market Tour & Cooking Class
Event on 2017-06-16 08:00:00
As the sun rises over the Napa Valley and the morning the fog slowly recedes we will begin exploring the hidden treasures at Napa’s farmers market. Savor the morning market discovering new varietals of locally harvested vegetables and fruits. Meet the farmers, browse, and sample your way through the stalls of fresh produce with Julie. You will find produce--fragrant, pristine and bursting with flavor. As you explore the market your senses are filled with the fresh smells, and tastes from the produce, herbs, and flowers. We'll get our hands dirty searching for just the right ingredients for our mid-day meal.

St. Helena and Napa farmer's markets, offer the season's finest and freshest local produce, fish, meat, and other artisan products. We chat with the farmers to learn about interesting varietals; talk with them about their favorite way of preparing their produce. We'll select vegetables from fava beans to torpedo onions and fruit (cherries, peaches, figs and more) representing the best of the season. Learn strategies to get the best from your local farmers market. You'll also have time to shop for gifts to bring home or for a picnic during your stay in Napa. Then on to the kitchen, where we don our aprons and turn our bounty into a wonderful wine country feast. In the kitchen you learn cooking theory, technique, tips and tricks to make you a better cook. Afterwards you enjoy a 3 -course lunch featuring Napa Valley's legendary food and wine.

You will enjoy a relaxed experience filled with inspiration; great foods paired with fine wine and have fun while developing your skills and techniques.

at Cooking with Julie
1039 La Quinta Court
Napa, United States

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