Spritz +1000 Words per Minute Warp-Speed Reading for Language Acquisition, Learning & Mindfulness

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    • avatar Iamyouwearemanyweareone 1

      Im sorry but it is kinda funny clicking a video on super reading an the presenter have crossed eye lol,Regardless great technique..

      • avatar dmdailey 0

        You're an awesome young man! Loved this video, thanks! God bless you and continuing success!

        • avatar OG Aley 0

          Too fast for me. Im a degenerate

          • avatar Brecher Brecher 1

            works perfect for people with dyslexia

            • avatar Dean Beyer 1

              k… i need 50,000 wpm somone show me an OG that can throw down. These techniques r weak sawce. Ramp up the speed. My book doesn't have spritz legs. I need an Original Gangster of reading to wield thors hammer of words

              • avatar Yami Bakura 1

                Video length is 9:11

                • avatar Larry Panozzo 0

                  Play this at 2X speed!

                  • avatar Rachmad Dann 1

                    you have an eye like me. one crossed eye on left. sorry for my bad english

                    • avatar Rob Black 0

                      This guy has been reading like this so long his eyes are crossed! LOL 

                      • avatar Purple Wolf 1

                        Awesome, inspiring. :)

                        • avatar RodCornholio 1

                          I felt a little bit like Neo, there.  That was interesting and novel.

                          • avatar ymeyoful 1

                            The Matrix technology already exist…. a US insider revealed.
                            Most of the so-called fictions already exist, but are only known or used by the global elites. GREED.

                            They only reveal it through so-called fiction movies.

                            • avatar Jonathan Roseland 1

                              I love to read, as a young man I voraciously consumed science fiction novels, then I discovered the none fiction world which inspired me to pursue a life of adventure and entrepreneurship. The temporal paradox of personal development is that as you develop more into the best version of yourself, you spend more time working on things you are passionate about, having fun with awesome people and exercising, you have less time for leisurely activities – including reading! Spending time turning pages takes a back seat to hustling and living the dream.

                              #Spritzing, which allows you to read at up too 1000 words per minute, could be the gamechanger that allows to read just as much (or more) in a shrinking period of time.

                              • avatar Meta Patriot 1

                                Thanks personally I hate reading but I love this. Immediately I thought of a spritz hack just put a throttle on It  so you can manipulate your speed.