Speed reading demonstration

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    • avatar Denise Lopez 1

      she's fake reading

      • avatar Rogelio Riojas 1

        This is legit, there are some schools who teach you ow to to this. It takes you from 4 to 6 months to learn. The minimum that this schools garantee are 2000 words per minute and that if you are a complete loser who never practice

        • avatar bobsy bobsy 1


          • avatar Plutot Crever 1

            She's not using any "technique". Its a gift she has. And its very impressive. Xmen like.
            But different speed reading techniques can be learned (other than photographic memory and high speed data processing like she probably do and we wont, ever, achieve). I wouldnt be surprised that she's Asperger.

            • avatar aky19832001 1

              LMAO. He's using a book he selected. Lets see her do that with a Pathology book or Microbiology.

              • avatar Bob Smith 1

                LOL that's not how speed reading is done, but ok lol

                • avatar Mister E. 1

                  Last name is Jaffee. She's probably a Jew, these people selected for high verbal IQ over hundreds of generations (practiced eugenics).

                  • avatar Sky Barrera 1

                    Bulls pooop

                    • avatar MrRednexus 1

                      she became a porn star later in her life

                      • avatar aps6666 1

                        whose that grey haired guy on the right? he's hilarious.

                        • avatar Roger Nevez 1

                          Difficult to believe

                          • avatar Roger Nevez 1

                            Difficult to believe

                            • avatar RT 1

                              A lot of parents paid top-dollar for this scam.

                              • avatar Mobi Angelina 1

                                Guys, it's possible.