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    • avatar Harini Chandramouli 0

      I could easily manage at 600WPM. Not that surprised, but still a little shocked, coz I knew I was a really fast reader, just didn't know how fast

      • avatar SGT SLIPPY STICKS 1

        literally broken up with my fiance and I stumble on this while testing reading speed wtf

        • avatar rkingsiv 2

          1:17 200, 5:24 450

          • avatar Angela Arizona 0

            Studies have shown that you will also remember more content from speed reading than from regular reading. Why because of the subconscious, which records everything. This method also helps with recall strengthening the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

            • avatar Johannes Teunissen 2

              youtube speed x2 with this, good excersize

              • avatar Child Prodigy 1

                This really helped me a lot. I was already a speed reader and this just increase my speed reading ability.

                • avatar Llama Sama 1

                  where can you get this program?

                  • avatar Snowflake Kristen 0

                    before video Mind: "You have 100% battery left! :)" after video Mind: "Zzzz 1% zzzz"

                    Great vid though! It worked!

                    • avatar Otis Perry 1

                      This is Awesome! Thx

                      • avatar Doro Desu 1

                        This worked for me

                        • avatar S a m 0

                          Ok guys tell me if it's just me but I was not tired before this exercise and now I am experiencing huge fatigue with constant yawning. It's like if it took all my brain's battery power and there's 1% left lol.