Some Inspirational Quotes For Rough Times In Life

When we’re going through a tough time in life is when we need inspirational quotes the most. Ironically, it is in these times that we turn our back on inspiration. We become depressed, cynical or indifferent and resign ourself to our fate. The words that gave us inspiration when we were feeling confident and strong sound hollow and unconvincing.

There is no shortage of inspiring quotes online. Whole websites are devoted to uplifting quotes by famous people. There are those that have been spoken or written by great leaders like JFK, Churchill and Lincoln. There are quotes from great writers like Shakespeare and Thoreau, not to mention the thousands of quotes from the inspirational authors like Norman Vincent Peale.

It sometimes seems like famous people are the only ones who have ever had anything inspiring to say. Of course that’s not true. There are millions of inspirational stories in the world and many of them are online. Some of them are just harder to find than others. One gem of inspiration is in the form of a blog written by a man who has struggled with Lou Gehrig’s disease for 29 years.

When he was diagnosed with this disease, this man had his whole life before him. His first symptom was an annoying twitch, that was all. He went to the doctor, had some tests done and was told that he had this deadly disease and given a life expectancy of six months. To make matters worse, if that was possible, a short time later his wife announced that she was pregnant. It was an event they both had been looking forward to for a long time before his diagnosis. The timing of the event, however, could not have been worse.

Nevertheless, the news of his wife’s pregnancy only served to strengthen his resolve to go on living. He has not only continued to live in spite of overwhelming odds, he has thrived. He does things many people in perfect health do not attempt, just because he won’t give up on life.

His blog is a fascinating and inspiring chronicle of achievement. It is an immense challenge every single day. Yes, he has the support of a great network of family and friends and acknowledges their support with gratitude. However, when you read between the lines of his blog posts, you see an indomitable spirit at work.

As you read the story of this man’s life in his blog, it is a chronicle of an individual who facing immense challenges every day of his life. There is no cure for his disease and as it progressed, he had to face more and more difficulty. The way he has faced his challenges make you understand what Winston Churchill meant with these words: “Success is the ability, ” Churchill wrote, ” to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

What is the engine that drives a man like this? He gives you a hint with some random entries in his blog. Here is one: “A mirror cannot reveal what is truly beautiful about you. It is up to you to show the world and make things happen.”

Don’t turn your back on inspirational quotes when life gets you down and you feel you can’t go on. There are so many inspiring stories out there. You have the power within you to overcome the obstacles life throws at you. Follow your dreams and never give up!

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