Socia Mixer & Lauguage Exchange

Socia Mixer & Lauguage Exchange
Event on 2017-07-02 20:00:00
Rome Expats, Diplomats, and locals to build your professional and Social Network.

Remember our Happy Hour(S) our BUSINESS Hour(S)

✔This event gives you great opportunity to network & social with fellow expats in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

✔ Join the group or our NEWSLETTER so you are updated with all the cool things we do in Rome.

➡ 8:00 PM - MEET & GREET before we EAT

➡ 8:30 PM - Food & Friends

Cost with full buffet €10 food & drink - 2nd drinks Beer/Wine €5 Cocktails menu price

If you are attending for the first time please introduce yourself to me or someone on the E-Team so that we can welcome you. click here to see who the people behind the scene are

ITALIAN LESSONS - 8 weeks €80.00 Sign up here

SPEAKIAMO ENGLISH: Puoi iscriverti da oggi ai nostri corsi con insegnanti madrelingua. la prima lezione di prova è gratuita.



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Thank you
****EXPATS LIVING IN ROME**** & The E-Team

Expats living in Rome

at Rec 23
1-2 Piazza dell'Emporio
Rome, Italy

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