Small Biz Camp – ATX

Small Biz Camp – ATX
Event on 2017-06-23 13:00:00
AUSTIN LOCALS UNITE! A DAY OF INSPIRATION, COLLABORATION & GROWTHSmall Biz Camp is a great opportunity to come together with your peers, gain some practical insight into real, feet-on-the-ground growth strategies for your business and engage in powerful conversations with your colleagues and local leaders.This event is for small businesses and nonprofits too. We're all in this together. YOUR HOST – JULIE NIEHOFFSpeaker, Author & Marketing Leader Julie Niehoff will host the program, setting the stage for innovation and learning. No long, boring lectures. No sales pitches (for real) and nothing we haven't tried ourselves. Proven, low-cost strategies for your success, explained in simple terms with step-by-step instructions for when you go back to try for yourself.  LOCAL SUCCESS STORIESFeaturing local business owners with unique tips and tricks for moving the ball forward every day. These are not big names with famous brands. They're regular people, just like you, who have unlocked some of the secrets to success and are willing to share their insight with all of us.YOU-CAN-DO-THIS POWER TALKS Brief, impactful presentations that focus on one element of running or growing your business,with simple, practical solutions that you can try, regardless of budget. How to make sure your marketing looks good on a cell phone or tablet, like an iPad Creative ways to scale your business; putting in the same amount of time but making more money Making the most of the marketing budget you have today while getting even better results Content curation; how to stop reinventing the wheel and build on your reputation as a leader Free tools that can help you work smarter, not harder; apps and sites we love, truly not a sales pitch SMALL GROUP DISCUSSIONSThink about those conversations you have in the hallway at other events – those great talks you get into and then have to walk away because the keynote is starting. This is going to be a day filled with those valuable interactions. Our participants leave invigorated, not just by what they've learned but by knowing they helped someone else by sharing their own knowledge and experience. We all have something to contribute and your voice is welcome at Small Biz Camp. WHO SHOULD ATTEND?Any small business owner, staffer or nonprofit professional looking for great tips and strategies for managing the day-to-day, co-marketing and collaboration opportunities to help you unlock more doors together, information about the many free resrouces available to smaller organizations in the Central Texas area and whether you are the owner, the executive director, the marketing manager, the boss or the employee, your voice is welcome here.WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?We are keeping it casual. Be professional but comfortable. This is Austin, so….be yourself. Just remember that there are other businesses in the room and there will be discussion of collaboration, co-marketing, finding great partners for various promotions, events and other opportunities so – be yourself.  * Maybe bring a light jacket or sweater, sometimes event rooms can get chillyCAN I BRING A FRIEND? Of course, include them in your registration or have them sign up. We do recommend that you bring two people from your business, as it might help you have more conversations or sometimes the owner and the marketing person come at solutions from two different perspectives. More voices in the room = greatness. IS THERE AN AGE REQUIREMENT?No, there is not a specific age limit. We do ask that participants have a sincere interest in managing and growing their business or nonprofit organization. Please do not bring children to this event unless they are specifically involved in the management of your business. (We have had new moms bring babies to past events and that tends to work out fine because they generally walk into the hall if baby starts crying, so new moms don't talk yourself out of attending. This will be a welcoming group) IS THERE FREE PARKING?Yes, we always make sure there is free parking available.  SHOULD I BRING A LAPTOP?You are welcome to bring a laptop or tablet but be advised that there are sometimes not many outlets. You can also bring something to take notes.All presentations and materials will be provided to participants online as well. DO I NEED BUSINESS CARDS?It's not a requirement but probably a good idea.. It's not going to be a room of commercials, so don't bring a convention booth, but yes, you might have some real conversations with other businesses and it might be useful to have your card or a brochure handy. We want you to leave with some real new opportunities. DO I HAVE TO BRING MY PRINTED TICKET?For swift entry, it is best to bring your ticket. It makes it so we can check you in without looking you up on the list. But if you walk in without it, we'll still let you in. If do not have your ticket, please bring a business card. The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?It's fine. Bring a business card that does reflect the correct name/information.

at Austin Marriot North
2600 La Frontera Boulevard
Austin, United States

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