Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships | Joanne Davila | TEDxSBU

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    • avatar madnessofmymind 1

      Wanna talk about making your relationship even harder? Try being with someone from a totally different culture. Maybe it's ok for some, but for others, it's hell.

      • avatar Beth Spiroff 1

        Oh the birthday present thing is horrible. Women should never do that.

        • avatar Beth Spiroff 1

          Problem is people don't talk like this or make decisions like this.

          • avatar Aaron Corley 2

            Anyone who thinks an open marriage is okay must be high as a kite.

            • avatar Santokh Singh Saggu 1

              Money making skill is no 1 in relationship.

              • avatar Telomin 1

                I see. I think this might be a huge problem for expats who live far away from the people who care the most about them. I saw a new friend get into a bad relationship (like really bad, telling her she's fat and has to lose weight although she was healthy, being mean and controlling) and she wouldn't listen to any of her new friends (including me) who did want the best for her, maybe because we didn't have a very deep friendship.

                • avatar ferrorey8 1

                  Now if only I could get to the point where I had a relationship so that I could see if there are warning signs…. XD

                  • avatar Open Heart Unions 1

                    The skills that she is talking about take years to develop, most people don't have them and most people wouldn't know how to develop them even if they saw this. Hopefully she has a good program to help people accomplish this

                    • avatar Kotoku Kennedy 1

                      this is bullshit, she is just reiterating what she said herself was the problem at the start. we know whats a good relationship but do not know how to achieve day to day.she does nothing to solve this

                      • avatar finalfantasy8911 0

                        Here in my garage…..just bought this new lamborghini….

                        • avatar Lel Wuht 1

                          If you think about it, the real message or the purpose of this is because of communication. It may seem cheesy, but it is true. The three things she is talking about are like subsections within communication.

                          • avatar job rabbeljee 0

                            ah right peoples and wrong ones. never heard that before. i would suggest hooking up the rotten apples with dito fermented growth.

                            • avatar guloguloguy 2

                              FYI : …."Mind Reading" DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!…

                              • avatar Miss Guillotine 0

                                nobody who isn't toxic is ever gonna want to date me tho I'm such a piece of shit

                                • avatar Suzel V 0

                                  That is why people need to grow up! But like that's going to happen realistically to ALL people!.. Just look at Facebook and some youtube comments! Lol!

                                  • avatar Suzel V 0

                                    But what if it's too late like you said? Can I love again? The way that I loved him?!

                                    • avatar Tawanna Rucker 1

                                      I love the research and methods Joanne Davila shares.

                                      • avatar Kamal Love 1

                                        As someone that's been married for 17 years I concur. But I would add that what is being described here are core competencies of being a decent human being. I would suggest that these tips be applied to all our relationships and that humans should acquire them long before they decide to get married.

                                        • avatar Shawnelle Martineaux 1

                                          never gets old.

                                          • avatar Mike Mcmillan 1

                                            Well done. I learned a lot.