Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

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    • avatar Volunteer Nebraska Inc 1

      Your piece on 12 steps of AA…wow! Service to others! What an eye opening statement for me! I launched a nonprofit two years ago centered around teaching kids community service is not a punishment. It is a privilege. Loved this message!

      • avatar MillMoto675 0

        41:05 maybe thats why im so fucking short

        • avatar MetalOfSweden 0

          Bad leaders, jealous people and overall neighsayers disliked this :)

          • avatar Dave Collins 0

            Very good public speaker. Many subject areas that are well shared and explained.

            • avatar Deeda1021 1

              God had it right from the jump; He's a God who serves. But it's not just leaders….however, this may be why true Christians become leaders. They are the change the world needs; if the leaders can't do this, we are to step up…we're to step up anyway because God pursued us in steadfast love, so our cup should overflow to others. And oh, it does. Growing in His love.

              • avatar Dust Scatter 1

                Interesting what he says about oxytocin… I never understood tipping, I find it very awkward, how much do you give and how do you define what should be normal… In NZ we practically never tip but when I travelled I argued a lot with people from America/other countries who tip and they say how good it is because people give better service in hope of a bigger tip. I never found service better in countries where you tip. People like to do good because it makes you feel good. If they're doing it just for money it's not genuine and kind of depressing on both ends. There's no more generosity it's just business.

                • avatar hlhlouka 0

                  Because they're mothers

                  • avatar imago 1

                    Yeah ok.

                    But why the fuck would i care about anyone else but myself?

                    • avatar imago 1

                      It's not really my fault I'm displaying a lot of characteristics of a leader, is it?

                      • avatar imago 0

                        Atlas Shrugged.

                        • avatar binod karki 1

                          U are amazing seriously

                          • avatar Jon 1

                            The increase in ADD and ADHD diagnosis I assume is highly skewed due to the large amount of students who pretend they have it to get amphetamines for studying. They clearly don't make up the entire percentage increase, the rest being made up of people of believe they have ADHD because of the technology and distractions available to younger generations as he mentioned.

                            • avatar BABALAGAJIGAPOO 0

                              You lost me at 50,000 years

                              • avatar tendz rawr 1

                                My company made me and several other managers watch this video in a conference. The part where he's talking about cortisol and how our work is killing us hit me right in kissa. I was trying to be like jonny bravo and am now getting downsized. :(

                                • avatar Ruben Griego 1

                                  He is easily one of the best preachers/teachers/speakers/coaches/leaders(whatever title you want to use) alive! Thank you!

                                  • avatar Соɾу ℛ. 1