Shamanic Healing, Expert Woman Healer Call +27735916732 In Sandton

Shamanic Healing, Expert Woman Healer Call +27735916732 In Sandton
Event on 2017-06-24 00:00:00
Mama Aamira +27735916732 spiritual Healer, specialized in the fields of Love, Money, Power, Success, Luck and Witch Craft.
*I can help you with any problem that is disturbing you & your business I have more than 15 years experience in the field of Spells Casting / Spiritual Healing.
*Over the years I have worked for thousands of clients in more than 178 countries all over the world. *
Do you have love problems /issues that you need sorted out?
* I have a variety of love spells that will change your life forever. Have you lost a loved one? Are you in love with someone who doesn't seem to care about you? Is your loved one in love with someone else*******
Love Witch Moon, The art of casting witchery for love spells
The full moon spell call +27735916732 Aamira
The full moon is the point at which we can see an entire side of the moon. For magical purposes, many modern Pagans consider the full moon to include the day before and the day after a full moon, for a total of three days.*
If your tradition requires you to follow the phases of the moon for your magical workings, this can be a good time to do rituals focused on personal growth and spiritual development. It's always a very meditative experience, and you may really feel the connection that your body has to the full moon, as well as connecting on a spiritual level. This is when you can call upon the gods of your tradition, ask for intuitive guidance, that sort of thing.
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at Moyo, Fountain, Pretoria
Zoo Lake Park, 1 Prince of Wales Drive, Parkview, Johannesburg
Johannesburg, South Africa

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