Self Esteem, Confidence, How to Love Yourself, Human Needs & Humanistic Psychology

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  1. David. Parkinson David. Parkinson

    I don't have confidence e due to abuse as a child

  2. Haladar Bright Haladar Bright

    I would believe in your words more if you have more suitable clothes and have self esteem

  3. Shirin Najdi Shirin Najdi

    very useful video. thanks.

  4. Arlyn Jay Arlyn Jay

    Wished You Were My Therapist.& I was Looking at your Great Legs!too

  5. 1001apes 1001apes

    This is awesome that you are sharing such life changing information with others. Really appreciate the learning.

  6. David Rokkedahl David Rokkedahl

    Need to contribute is the very essence of the transcendental step, so I don't really feel that that step fits. Plus the need for understanding is the very essence of self-actualization. I just don't see the necessity for these two new steps, as they're already included within the original hierarchy of needs. However I agree with the need for beauty and aesthetics. Be it art, culture or a fancy house/car. The need for beauty could also be chi-gong, thai-chi, fulidity of motion etc. But these things could also be found in the self actualization step, but i do agree they deserve a step of their own. Moreover i also agree with the first step you've put in. Avoid pain, seek pleasure as being very fundamental needs and behaviors

  7. Sachin Rankar Sachin Rankar

    good but lack of enthusiasm

  8. Sherry Pettye Sherry Pettye

    My self esteem are very low. I want to improve it

  9. Robert Hopkins Robert Hopkins

    You have a lovely voice. It is very warm, reassuring and calming. Thank you for the
    God Bless!

  10. Fay - Fay -

    Thank u. Now I finally understand why my siblings always say really critical random mean things to me.

  11. voice of the unheard voice of the unheard

    i love you.

  12. suzanne77 suzanne77

    How important is it to meet the levels of needs in order from bottom to top? I notice love/belonging is below self esteem. Wouldn't it be important to have good self esteem prior to developing intimate relationships?

  13. Hugo Hernandez Hugo Hernandez

    when we gonna meet

  14. jon powell jon powell

    I despise myself and hate you even more you beautiful yet heartless gold-digger tramp!

  15. huong nguyen huong nguyen

    This video is really useful. Thank you

  16. Charlie Spaniel Charlie Spaniel

    i am self loathing king.

  17. nuggets lIlIlIl nuggets lIlIlIl

    Don't read this because if you do your crush will kiss you on friday and
    tomorrow will your Best day in your life and if you won't post this in
    other 2 vids you will die in 427 minutes


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