Scuba Diving in Pune : Your Adventures in the Liquid World

Scuba Diving in Pune : Your Adventures in the Liquid World
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Scuba Diving in Pune : Your Adventures in the Liquid World:

Been looking eagerly for new and exciting things to do in Pune? Ever thought of Breathing underwater? Well, you needn’t look any further – Start your Adventure & explore the Bliss of SCUBA DIVING in PUNE itself with Pune’s own PADI Dive center “Absolute SCUBA” at the Sub Divisional Sports Complex, Yerwada! It is sure to be the most exhilarating adventure activity in Pune.

Be part of the Largest International community of recreational Divers with one easy step. There is nothing like breathing underwater for the very first time. It takes a little getting used to, after all, human beings weren’t designed to do that – but after a few minutes of awestruck wonder, most participants realize how easy scuba diving really is. The biggest challenge instructors have with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program is not coaxing participants into the water, but coaxing them out when the program is over. The fun part? It’s all fun!

While not an actual scuba certification, our experience will teach you how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. This will be the best fun you will have over the weekend, no question!

Swimming requirements / Do I need to know swimming to try Scuba Diving? : We say this LOUDLY ! you do NOT need to be a swimmer to try SCUBA in Pune. The Try Dive is for everyone from 8 years going to 80 ! Swimmer or not, everyone can SCUBA !

3.- More about Absolute Scuba – India’s leading dive training and travel center

Since 2012, Absolute SCUBA has been leading the way with SCUBA training in India as the country’s foremost and full-fledged PADI SCUBA Diving center. We are affiliated to both PADI & CMAS, the World’s leading Diver Training Federations for over 50 years. Founded by Siddharth & Seemant, two veterans of the Indian SCUBA Diving community, Absolute SCUBA has over 2 Decades of Diving experience! The Absolute experience starts you on the path of discovering 70% of your Planet in Pune itself.

From internationally popular “Discover Dives” to starting your PADI courses, Team Absolute brings you years of solid experience in Dive training & Travel. Using world class dive gear and adhering to the strictest norms of International Diving Federations, Team Absolute Scuba boasts of world class PADI Instructors and a spotless safety record.

Our motto: Bringing SCUBA closer Home. As an in-land Dive Club, Absolute SCUBA promotes initial Pool Based SCUBA Training leading to Open Ocean diving experiences all over the World’s greatest Dive Spots !

d – Highlights / Achievements :
i – Absolute Scuba is affiliated to P.A.D.I and C.M.A.S, the oldest and largest diving federations of the World.
ii – Our Team of Instructors have certified over 800 divers; have over 15 years of diving experience; logged in over 15,000+ dives and thousands of Try Dives.
iii – Absolute scuba has organized over 50 customized Scuba diving group trips to the best International and domestic Scuba diving destinations. We have dived in over 4 continents, 14 countries and over 40 dive Scuba diving centers.
iv – Trend setters in opening up destinations like Sipadan – Borneo , the Red Sea, Lakshadweep, Bali, Thailand and many more to countless divers – new & certified.
v – Proud association with the Best SCUBA diving Equipment manufacturers such as ScubaPRO USA, LUXFER USA and Bauer Compressors, Germany

Contact us:
Siddharth Pujari, Head of Marketing : 98 6000 3456 |
Seemant Saxena, head of Operations : 99 7098 3456 |
Facebook :

More about the team that you will dive with :

Seemant Saxena : Co-founder, PADI & CMAS SCUBA Instructor diving since 2001. Has 15+ years of active diving & training Instruction in India and beyond. The Absolute SCUBA Instructor to go diving with! With 15 years (and counting) in active dive training, travel & all things sub-surface, Seemant is a treat to try a dive or start learning SCUBA with. Infinitely patient and heavily experienced, he has certified countless beginners and introduced even more to the beauty of the Sport. His passion for SCUBA gives everyone another league of insights into this eternally popular sport.

Siddharth Pujari : Co-founder , CMAS & PADI Advanced Open water diver with over 1100+ logged dives in over 20 different diving destinations worldwide. The main man behind the show, Siddharth is a meticulous researcher, planner & logistical Genius when it comes to People, Planning & Party ! Absolute SCUBA trips are action – packed adventures into not just Diving but Dining, top-side fun in the sun & cultural extravaganza’s; all thanks to Siddharth & his zeal to turn SCUBA holidays into life-altering holidays or experiences every single time !

Shaun Patel: With over 900 dives logged, Shaun is one of the most enthusiastic PADI Instructor on board, and seems to be on his way to redefining the essence of the PADI Open Water Course.

Jayesh Bhagat: State Level Swimmer & PADI Dive Master on board, Jayesh is a terrific assist to the Instructors in the pool during all courses. He is also responsible for all Discover SCUBA diving participants to have a great time exploring SCUBA. 350+ dives old and counting, Jayesh loves living his SCUBA dream.

Zahabiya Malubhoy: PADI Open Water diver & Office Manager.

The SCUBA Equipment that you will use :

Absolute SCUBA takes pride in associating with world leaders in SCUBA Diving equipment such as SCUBAPRO – USA for SCUBA gear, Luxfer SCUBA Cylinders – USA for tanks and BAUER, Germany for its SCUBA Air compressors, to name a few.

From special “Powered” masks to wetsuits sized from XXS to XL, we have gear for everyone who wants to Try a Dive.

Our Training Facility : Divisional Sports Complex Swimming Pool at Yerwada
Address : Divisional Sports Complex Swimming Pool, Shastri Rd, Shastrinagar, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

We train & dive at the Fabulous Sub Divisional Sports Complex Swimming Pool at Yerwada – a beautifully clear 20 FOOT deep Custom Built pool for Shallow & Deep water Training. Our venue boasts of a 50 meter Olympic Pool & a 6 meter custom built Deep diving well for the Ultimate Diving experience in this side of the country!

#Fact – NASA also trains its astronauts on SCUBA at a similar SCUBA training pool to simulate zero-gravity which can otherwise only be experienced if you were in Space!

Directions: Absolute SCUBA at Sub Divisional Sports Complex, Opposite Morje High School, near Ishanya Mall, Yerwada.

Product Description: SCUBA in Pune :
Discover SCUBA Diving: Take your first breath Underwater with Absolute Scuba

It’s now possible to live your adventure-dream with SCUBA Diving! Sign up for the Try Dive experience any day of the week or as a weekend activity and get acquainted with the heart-pumping, jaw-dropping adventure of SCUBA in Pune. The Blue awaits anyone looking for things to do in Pune – be it adventurers, kids, groups or non-swimmers!

Get a hand-held orientation into the beautiful underwater world via SCUBA. Our fun & interactive dives will include knowing SCUBA gear better, getting underwater Pictures taken and go on tandem cruises with the Instructor in the Pool to its deepest part. Experience weightlessness like the Astronauts and explore this globally popular sport.

Register for the MOST popular way GLOBALLY to start with your SCUBA Adventure !

Take back home a special Souvenir Certificate – your First SCUBA participation Certificate !

Age: PADI offers SCUBA Diving experiences and certification courses for children as young as 8 years of age. Certain physiological effects of SCUBA Diving on a child’s developing body may pose risks therefore PADI India and Absolute SCUBA restrict kids below the age of 8 to undertake SCUBA diving activity. Similarly, there does not exist an upper age limit for diving; the only criteria are physical health, ability and enthusiasm, of course.

Medical Fitness: As SCUBA Diving is an adventure sport and comes with its own set of risks, PADI India has laid down certain medical conditions under which SCUBA diving may be unadvisable. In order to successfully undertake any diving program across the range of PADI courses, one needs to be in reasonable medical health. PADI has provided a medical questionnaire for self-evaluation which our PADI professionals will recommend every participant to read through.

What to expect: Details about the SCUBA experience
As part of the 3 hour Discover SCUBA session, watch yourself transform from an excited novice into someone well-versed with the sport of SCUBA diving. Alongside, learn our lingo too; SCUBA is short for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, that’s one to start with.

As you arrive for your SCUBA diving session, you will be briefed by your PADI Instructor about the history of SCUBA, the do’s & don’t’ s and taught a whole new non-verbal language to help you communicate underwater. This informative land-based session will be over before you know it, and you’ll find yourself much better prepared to enjoy the SCUBA session! Your PADI Instructor will provide you with world-class SCUBA equipment customized to your fit. And not just any gear – the best SCUBA gear in India!

Once you’re in the water, you’ll be taught to breathe in the confines of the shallows, until you feel comfortable to move to the deep end. When you’ve reached your comfort zone, you will be accompanied by your instructor for a ONE on ONE underwater cruise, and can do all sorts of cool stuff underwater. You get to experience Neutral Buoyancy – the Holy Grail of the SCUBA Diver – which is the awesome feeling of being Weightless Underwater!

Buoyancy control will allow you to try your hand at backflips, somersaults and other snazzy underwater tricks, and we will take great pictures of you making unforgettable memories.

This session is only the start of a lifelong adventure you could embark upon with the magical sport of SCUBA diving. Absolute SCUBA Pune assures you that the experience and skills taken from this session will enhance your comfort when you decide to sign up for the PADI Open Water Certification Course in Pune.

Before you leave the venue, take the opportunity to grab a cup of Coffee with us and interact with our PADI Professional Dive Instructors. Collect your Discover SCUBA Diving certificate, underwater pictures and videos, and get to know more about the PADI courses starting right here in Pune. We have a feeling you will love your session and would love it if you left us a small note in our Guest Book to help us improve where necessary. Your feedback is valuable to us to make SCUBA Diving in Pune a popular weekend activity.

Timings : 3 hour batches EVERYDAY except Mondays :
9 am – 12 noon
12 noon – 3 pm
3 pm – 6 pm

Things to carry :
Swimming Costume
Dry Towel
Pen drive/ memory card to take pictures back
Swimming cap for ladies
Small snack – for after dive munchies
A spirit of Adventure!

Batch Sizes : for Individuals bookings
Minimum diver per batch : 01 diver
Maximum divers per batch : 06 divers
Maximum batches per day – 03 batches

Group Discount Policy : If a booking comprises of 6 or above participants, the following Discounts can be availed –
6 – 11 persons – 10% discount
12 – 17 – 15% discount
18 and above – 20% discount

Booking Policy :
Bookings are accepted up to 24 hours before the event
Spot / walk-in bookings subject to availability.

Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy: We will try our best to assist with rescheduling your Dive should you need to and apply NO rescheduling charges. However, in case of a cancellation, please note the following terms will apply:

4 weeks prior to event : 75% of paid amount will be refunded
2 weeks prior to event : 50% of paid amount will be refunded
1 week prior to event : 25% of paid amount will be refunded
No refund applicable on cancellation within one week of the event

Insurance: is not mandatory for the Event. However, spot insurance for Try Dives is available on . Interested Guests can purchase insurance through their personal credit or debit cards online at least ONE day prior to the event.

at Divisional Sports Complex Swimming Pool, Shastri Rd, Shastrinagar, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006
shastri road, Near Isanaya Mall,
Pune, India

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