Poor, unfortunate Uncle Billy

Poor, unfortunate Uncle Billy
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Where do those strange little songs that sprout from other songs come from?
If you don't understand me, then think of the endless re-worded versions of 'Jingle Bells'. Like the ones where 'Batman Smells', 'Robin lays an egg' and the poor, unfortunate Billy 'lost his willy, on the motorway'. (Hey!)
There is also one which goes along to the the Batman theme tune, but, instead of saying 'Batman', people change it to 'Flatman!'.
Another example is 'Happy Birthday'. I wonder how many times each day, a re-worded version of 'Happy Birthday' is sung. I don't mean the ones by Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder, but the ones that end up offending the person whose birthday it is, by saying they 'look like a monkey and smell like one too'.

But just who first came up with these songs and how have we all heard of them so that we can repeat them on at other social situations and look the comedy genius that we all aren't.

And who even is Uncle Billy? I feel really sorry for him is he did lose his dingle-dangle on the motorway. Unless he was doing a George Michael. (That is mildly controversial, so I'll swiftly move on to my questions!)

1. Do you know Uncle Billy, or maybe do you have an Uncle Billy?
2. Do you have any idea where them weird songs come from?
3. Tomato Ketchup, BBQ Sauce or Salsa?
4. Where is everyone? Flickr seems to be dying.
5. What do you think of my photo? Likey or no likey?
6. Be RANDOM! :P

Thank you guys for reading this! I'm hoping to get back to the 800ish views I used to be getting before Flickr decided to give itself a DIY facelift. Never a good idea really!

Tom :D

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