Plastic Oceans and Threatened Species Exhibition

Plastic Oceans and Threatened Species Exhibition
Event on 2017-01-03 00:00:00
In March, Tony Rice will be hosting an exhibition showcasing works concerning the Ocean and the Threatened Species it contains.

"I wanted to create works that conveyed the serious pervasion of plastics in our waterways and ecosystem. Research shows that as great amounts of plastic congregate in the oceans of the world, they break down into micro-particles that are eaten by marine life thus devastating the entire food chain"

Single-use, disposable plastics have been his primary focus when it comes to environmental issues and a huge part of Tony's process is the collection of marine debris. The Seascape paintings incorporate salvaged waste materials and aim to highlight the grave issue of this non-biodegradable pollutant choking our waterways and severely affecting sea life. His creations consist of replicated sea sea animals such as dolphins and turtles which are in danger of dying by entanglement in fishing nets and ingesting plastic floating in the ocean. These sea creatures are represented as sculptures with a skeletal appearance and a string of plastic inside their bodies representing their digestive system.

Tony has been making ceramics, sculptures, kites and paintings for over 45 years. His reverence for our habitat and deep concerns regarding human impact have been longstanding elements of his art practice.

53 Kennedy Terrace
Brisbane, Australia

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