Only Fools And Horses

There are many TV programmes which have caught the attention of the worldwide public but there are few which have the same influence as Only Fools And Horses (OFAH). This is a television programme which has been around for well over 30 years now and continues to attract the attention of fans around the globe. So what was OFAH and why was it so popular?

History of Only Fools And Horses

The phenomenon which is OFAH began back in 1981 when Derek Trotter, Rodney Trotter and grandad made their way onto our screens. The original series, written by John Sullivan, received a lukewarm response from the UK public and the BBC were in two minds as to whether they should run another series. Thankfully they did decide to give Only Fools And Horses one last go and it has literally turned into comedy gold!

The original Only Fools And Horses series ran between 1981 and 1991 although there were a number of Christmas specials and one-off programmes. Despite the fact that the programme effectively finished in 1991, aside from the Christmas specials and one-off programmes, it is still shown on a variety of TV channels around the world each day of each week. You cannot turn on channels such as UK Gold without coming across an OFAH special.

The characters from Only Fools And Horses

Despite the fact that Only Fools And Horses had a number of mainstream characters along the years there is no doubt that the main characters were a relatively tight knit group of actors. They included: –

David Jason

David Jason played the infamous Del Boy and there is no doubt that he was and continues to be the star of the show. Everything revolves around David Jason and his Del Boy character and there are some amazing and hilarious scrapes along the years. Del Boy was the lovable cheeky chappie who got involved in a few scams but never meant to harm anybody.

Nicholas Lyndhurst

Nicholas Lyndhurst played Del Boys soppy brother Rodney Trotter and it has to be said that he played it to perfection. He was forever in awe of his brother and even when he left home to get married he still came back time and time again. They fought like a cat and dog there is no doubt that Del Boy and Rodney Trotter were joined at the hip.

Lennard Pearce

Lennard Pearce played Grandad in OFAH and despite the fact that the actor passed away in 1984 he will forever be remembered for his hilarious role. He had a very dry wit, perfect comedy timing and he was the focal point of the Trotter family. When the actor passed away in 1984, John Sullivan (the creator of Only Fools And Horses) decided to write an episode centred round the funeral of grandad just days after the funeral of Lennard Pearce. It is common knowledge that John Sullivan was in constant contact with the family of Lennard Pearce with regards to the funeral episode and it has gone down in comedy folklore.


Only Fools And Horses continues to be one of the most popular comedy shows of all time and even though the regular series finished back in 1991, youngsters of today are growing up watching Del Boy. In an era when many of the programs on TV are unsuitable for children this is comedy which all of the family can watch. There is no bad language, no fighting and no controversial storylines – just good old-fashioned fun.

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