Oiseaux de Jardin – Garden Birds – Hagefugler – Gartenvögel – Tuinvogels – Trädgårdsfåglar

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    • avatar Ghost Molly 1

      J'adore! Très jolie vidéo! Ce sont de très beaux oiseaux. Il me semble qu'ensuite il y a des chardonnerets, non?

      • avatar Jean deleria Deleria 2

        Trop beaux ses oiseaux

        • avatar Paco Escobar 0

          This is an awesome video and I'm not even stoned!*

          *This statement has not been verified.

          • avatar Whattodoabz 1

            Lovely & Colorful birds. Nice video!

            • avatar Brooke Vanderlaak 1

              The Bullfinch is my favourite.I would love to see one in real life.