Obtain A Bird Bath For your Birds

I feel affection for these wild birds and I know how important it is to have a water source for their drinking and bathing. Do you feel the same? Providing a birdbath is one of the best ways to attract wild birds. In fact, these wild birds have been under our care since 1970. Having these birds, makes living here worthwhile. They never fail to amaze us with their beauty, songs and tricks. There are times when I sit outside and occasionally a bird will perch on my head or knee. We are all a family here and live in an environment of peace. Every creature who comes here are always welcome and they learn to live in peace with one another. Indeed, it works.

All living creatures drink water, so do birds. However, birds frequently have a tough time finding water. Birds also need water for bathing, keeping them cool during the hot and dry season. Birds are unable to fly properly and protect themselves when their feathers are soiled.

Location is the first factor to consider in placing a birdbath. It must be easily accessible for birds to fly immediately when predators are coming. If a bird bath is situated in or near a cluster of bushes, birds may be caught off-guard by eager creatures who hunger for them. Placing the garden fountain under a tree will provide shade and a place to perch. Birds will feel safe on a tree branch, drying their feathers. Birds’ waste can contaminate the water so don’t place their bird bath under a feeder. See to it that the water in the bird bath is changed every few days, keeping it clean and fresh. If the weather is too hot, change the water everyday. Algae will start to grow if water remains dormant and exposed to sunlight for days. If it is already disgusting to see algae stains in the water, how much more for birds if they were to drink or bathe in it? If it’s been that for too long, you’ll have a hard time cleaning it. Say it isn’t so.

It is wonderful and interesting to watch the birds in the garden fountain. They make a shallow dive in the water just enough to wet their undersides and then splash the water on themselves. I’ve seen birds fly on a branch after their done taking a bath. While they rest there, they also tidy themselves. I like watching them do it. It is such a peaceful and seemingly joyous activity the birds engage in. The oil produced by birds are spread throughout their feathers making them sturdy and waterproof. It is at this time, he also removes any dirt or insects stuck on the feathers.

The most natural birdbath is a puddle. Choose a birdbath that is round or oval in shape, three inches deep or less, and with slightly rough surface so that the birds’ feet will not slide. To avoid birds from sliding, you can also add small pebbles at the bottom of the birdbath.

There are many types of birdbaths available. We like the solar-powered birdbath. Birds seem to pay attention to birdbaths that sounds like dripping water. Some bird baths have heaters that can thaw frozen water. Birds will no longer have any problem of water supply during winter.

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