NVWLS with Simian Mobile Disco, Lauer, Jamie Tiller (All Night Long) & Athlete Whippet

NVWLS with Simian Mobile Disco, Lauer, Jamie Tiller (All Night Long) & Athlete Whippet
Event on 2017-06-16 22:00:00
Line-up /

Simian Mobile Disco (Extended Set)
Jamie Tiller (Room 2 All Night Long)
Athlete Whippet

We've had some unforgettable nights at Corsica Studios, uniting bona fide superstars and underground heroes with perfect sound systems and hometown crowds that are just as electric. Having brought the likes of Shanti Celeste, San Proper and Lord of the Isles through the South London arches in recent months, for our next summer special, we've kicked our curation up another notch.

This time around, we'll be calling on a quartet of truly exceptional acts - a lineup that has both shaped dance music as we know it for over a decade, and holds the keys to its future to boot. Without any further ado...


Where do you even start? The headline sets at clubs and festivals across the globe, including how the duo haven't played at Corsica for nearly ten years? The deluge of underground and crossover singles across five critically-acclaimed studio albums? Over ten years of remixes for some of the greatest bands in the entire world, and Muse?

Since evolving from the band Simian back in 2003, the electronic juggernaut comprising Jas Shaw and James Ford has ascended to become a genuine household name. As capable at creating surefire pop hits (I Believe, Hustler, Cruel Intentions) as cerebral electronica (Whorl) and weaponised club destroyers (Aspic, Sweetbread, Sacrifice), SMD need little introduction - all we really need to mention is that the duo will be playing an extended DJ set in an uncharacteristically intimate setting, and we're so excited we can't even write a proper bio for them (true professionalism right there.).

One of the most prolific names in modern production, Phillip Lauer has had a hand in some of the finest singles, remixes and projects of the new millennium. With stellar releases on Running Back, Live At Robert Johnson, Futureboogie and NVWLS' fave Permanent Vacation, Lauer's discography is nigh on unmatched - and that's before taking his exceptional work as part of Tuff City Kids (alongside Gerd Janson), Arto Mwambe, Black Spuma, Destroyer and T&P into account.

An artist with a true sound of his own, Lauer's cosmic melodies and infectious basslines have been propelling dance floors the world over for almost twenty years. We're beside ourselves to be welcoming the man himself to London for a rare UK solo outing - get down early and experience a one of a kind vibe!

A Peckham-based duo who tore onto the scene in 2016 with a double whammy of exceptional releases, Athlete Whippet comprises Bunki and Ballerino, founders of the progressive Squareglass imprint. The pair's Athlete Whippet moniker was recently responsible for two distinct and inspiring house cuts - Complain and Tired Of Being Alone - which garnered much-deserved praise from XLR8R, Les Yeux Orange and many other corners of the blogosphere. Having already been remixed by Dutch raider Awanto 3 and lo-fi wunderkind Ross From Friends, the talented twosome are already firmly on the musical map - and recently turned in a top class NVWLS Guestmix to prove it.

Shifting from the studio to the booth, the Whippet boys will be tasked with warming up Corsica's pristine main room ahead of our behemoth headliners. We're certain this flourishing pair will relish the chance to dig a little deeper, and can't wait to see what magic they can conjure up early doors.


Corsica's smaller, recently buffed up second room has always been very good to NVWLS, playing host to one-of-a-kind marathon sets from Tasker b2b Bake and Benjamin Froehlich in recent months. Steadily becoming associated with extended sets from the finest tastemakers on the continent, for our summer spectacular, Room Two will host another all night odyssey from one of the most exciting names on the circuit today - that of Mr Jamie Tiller.

One of the driving forces behind Amsterdam's seminal Music From Memory imprint - as well as its sister label Second Circle - Jamie's travails in the Netherlands have also seen him play a crucial role in defining the legacy of the world revered Red Light Records and Radio. A native Londoner, Jamie's touring schedule has expanded to match his reputation, with gigs in Germany, Canada and Australia under his belt and major festival slots in Norway, Montenegro and Croatia to come.

As the scene at large wises up to Jamie and his skills as a selector, we're absolutely delighted to have secured his services for a huge night in his hometown. While all manner of auditory chaos unfolds in Room 1, we strongly recommend at least one sejour next door - even we have no idea what sounds we may be privy to, which excites us most of all.

About NVWLS:
Founded in London but influenced by the exciting electronic music scenes thriving all over the country, NVWLS is dedicated to stripping the art of a good night out right down to the bare essentials: the music, the people, and the consonants. Working to bring you the finest selection of special guests, hidden gems and up-and-coming talents alongside a dedicated roster of residents, NVWLS promises a sound that stays fresh and engaging without ever losing sight of the dancefloor or the bodies moving on it. Expect a party that puts its people first, driven by an irresistible mix of house, techno, disco and shameless selections from days gone by.

Tickets: £5 / £8 / £12 / MOTD (available from RA)
Address: Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, London SE17 1LB

at Corsica Studios
5 Elephant Road
Walworth, United Kingdom

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