NLP Practitioner Certification 2017 (Minneapolis, MN)

NLP Practitioner Certification 2017 (Minneapolis, MN)
Event on 2017-06-14 18:00:00
In this NLP Practitioner Course, you will explore how Neuro-Linguistic Psychology changes your unconscious inner dialogue to bring about a better life and is the natural progression after receiving the prerequisite NLP 101 Certificate Course.  Through a conscious use of spoken and mental language, you can recode your mind to drop behaviors which limit your full potential. NLP often incorporates hypnosis and self-hypnosis to effectively release limiting beliefs and patterns. If we change our mind we can change our lives. There is a limitless power in your mind and NLP allows you to unlock that power. NLP is a therapeutic technique which can help anyone to improve their life at work, at home, and at play. It can help heal emotional trauma, boost self-confidence, stop addictions, and improve peak-performance. This NLP Certification Course also explores NLP as tool for the exploration of the unconscious mind and spiritual consciousness.   The NLP 101 Certification Course is a prerequisite for the Practitioner Certification. MORE INFORMATION HERE   During the 108-Hour NLP Practitioner Training you will: Learn effective techniques for releasing limiting beliefs Eliminate unwanted programs and behaviors Generate a full spectrum of choices when in difficult situations Learn tools for enhancing the quality of your communication Be in charge of your own emotions and mind Heal so you can bring awareness back to the present moment Create the future you want while positively influencing others Develop a greater sense of inner peace and self-worth Become your limitless, most resourceful self Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (NLP) is a series of tools and techniques that is designed to open and focus your mind on what is immediately important to you in your life. Once you learn how to use the power of NLP, you will have a huge advantage in getting what you want and need in every area of your life.     Class "C" 2017 Program Schedule ORIENTATION Wednesday, June 14th | 6:00-7:30pm WEEKEND IMMERSION (9:30am – 6:30pm) June 23-25 | Friday - SundayJuly 28-30 | Friday - SundayAugust 25-27 | Friday - SundaySeptember 22-24 | Friday - Sunday Graduation Celebration October 21st 11am - 2pm   What’s Included in the Program: Class "C" is guaranteed to be a small group for plenty of one-on-one guidance  Convenient four (4) month time investment broken down into 27-hour monthly immersion weekends Materials: All workbooks, manuals and books are included Snacks, water & tea provided New cutting edge resources for your life Break-through strategies for personal success Become certified and confident to practice new professional skills and techniques Invest your time into being a part of a supportive and unique learning environment Become a part of a new & exciting community that is transforming humanity Certification as a Level-1 NLP Practitioner Continued support, continuing education classes and advanced training available through our system Certification Investment: ,499* Early Bird discount if paid in full by May 26th ,399 * Payment Plan Options Available * Are you ready to start your journey? A 0 deposit is due to reserve your spot. We look forward to meeting you! MORE INFORMATION HERE

at NE Minneapolis
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Minneapolis, United States

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