NLP Leadership and Mentoring Programme 2017

NLP Leadership and Mentoring Programme 2017
Event on 2017-05-31 13:00:00
The Leadership and Mentoring Programme January - June 2017 To Sponsor and Release More of Your Potential  To Create and Support Your Dreams To take your Advanced NLP Practice to new levels of Effective Performance, Mastery and Artistry   For Your Personal Well Being and Happiness For Your Relationships and Connection with Others For Your Career and Leadership Pathway For Your Vision, Mission and Contribution to the World and the Environment This is a new kind of approach in NLP to accelerated learning, generative collaboration, transformational problem solving and change. In an intensive six months of personal coaching and small group seminars you can leverage your personal and professional development to higher levels of effectiveness and fulfillment. This unique, advanced NLP based programme combines the methodology and results of professional one-to-one coaching, generative peer group active learning, and experiential seminar training.  A focused series of individual coaching sessions  Skillful peer group support and creative exchange  Group supervision on your project, goals and mission.  Seminars on breakthrough NLP tools for generative and systemic change  A chance to develop new tools and models as part of the ongoing evolution of the field of NLP and to present your work to the PPD Learning community. On this programme you will explore:  What do you want to progress and improve in your life? Is there anything holding you back? Are you at a turning point in terms of your personal or professional growth? Are you in need of inspiration, tools and support? Are you stuck or unconfident and know you’re not being your best self? Are you ambitious and yet unclear where and how to focus your strengths? Do you want to take a vision, a project, a skill and/ or a role to higher level? This unique programme is designed to meet these needs, to give you time, space, attention, friendship, inspiration, support and tools to transform your current issues and situation  - and create the new, the ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions and possibilities for the next stage of your life. This programme is a prerequisite for joining our NLP Certification programme in September 2016 What the programme consists of: The programme is made up of two parts. Individual coaching sessions with Judith Lowe and 10 workshop days: Three 2 hour, one-to-one, private coaching sessions with Judith Lowe- This is a unique opportunity to work in a creative way with one of the UK’s foremost NLP coaches and trainers, on defining, clarifying and enriching your goals.   You’ll be encouraged and helped to get more in touch with your sense of vision and mission, your values and your energy.  It will be a chance to explore and expand a sense of your resources, resilience and potential, to set a direction and possible milestones, towards the results you want from the course. You might also choose to work with relevant belief issues, identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, strengthening your authentic identity, voice and presence, so that you can begin the course, able to commit and contribute at your best. It’s a time to invest in yourself, to take stock, and also for a kind of fresh start to generate and gather ideas, to sow the seeds to create the future, and to set in motion a new phase and dynamic in your life.\ Upon booking your place on the course we will confirm the precise dates of your one-to-one session. The sessions will take place as follows: Session 1- February 2017 Session 2- March-April 2017 Session 3- May 2017 Module 1: Generative Collaboration and Collective Intelligence with NLP –  2 day Seminar  29th & 30 January 2017 This intensive training module will offer the specialized tools, models and skills of Collective Intelligence approaches to establish an innovative, and high-performing practice for the support, learning and collaboration in the peer group. Generative Collaboration is when a group or team is able to create something completely new together. Often this is something ‘out of the box’, surprising even, and somehow beyond what anyone could predict or imagine, or the capabilities of any one individual. People working together, with the right kinds of tools and skills are often able to perform in astonishing ways. There can be a type of magic to this process, with high quality ideas and solutions spontaneously emerging from the participants. Groups have their own dynamics and a life and identity of their own. There are key skills and approaches to optimise this process so that the group culture for learning, creativity, communication and change is enhanced. This ‘soft skills’ technology is at the forefront of contemporary business practice with it’s emphasis on high performing small teams.  Emotional Intelligence and self-leadership are prerequisite for dealing with uncertainty, rapid change and working more productively with others. Yesterday’s solutions may no longer work, we will be exploring how you can find resources held with the deep wisdom of the collective group On these two days we will explore: Creating a relational ‘field’, which brings out the best in every person. Sponsoring both the individuals in the group, and the group itself as a living entity, at the levels of vision and mission. Working as a team – sharing resources and knowledge, modelling key capabilities from and for each other. Bringing personal presence, authenticity and creative energy to the group sessions. Enhanced communication skills with NLP, ongoing attunement and co-operation among group members  Dealing with difficulties and interferences, transforming ‘shadows’. Managing group processes effectively. Using ‘Intervision’ approaches to stimulate ideas and new perspectives. Engaging with frames of sustainability, and the aesthetics of change. These tools and approaches will provide the structure and help develop the group culture to progress, enrich and further define each individual’s own goals and projects for the programme. Each individual contributes to and benefits from the generative ‘container’ and collective intelligence of the group.  Module 2. ‘Creating the Road Map’  January  31st 2017 With inspiration and tools from the seminar (see above 30th/31st Jan) individual participants contribute to the unique energy and dynamics of the peer learning group. You will create the opportunity to; Explore how to work with each other to optimise your collective intelligence and to promote the potential in the group for generative collaboration and enhanced learning  Identify needs and outcomes for individuals and the group, including issues of personal and group ecology and well being Identify feedback and high value evidence processes for the evaluation of progress and results.  Identify individual and group resources to support and enrich the learning experiences.  Create plans and timelines for your personal and professional achievements. ·Enjoy a day of high level, creative discussion with peers, in which ideas can spark and seed. Modules 3 and 4 -' Advanced Communication, Leadership and Learning '– (4 days in total) March 11th & 12th (Module 3). April 22rd & 23th (Module 4) These 2 advanced level modules will offer; ·      Facilitated peer group supervision for personal and professional goals ·      Opportunities for creative input and design from the group ·      Options for training and updates in key NLP models ·      Masterclass coaching demonstrations and practice ·      Technical support for taking applied NLP to new levels of mastery and artistry ·      Advanced Modelling with NLP to enhance best performance ·      Feedback and progress on personal goals and learning ·      ‘Outside the box’ type approaches and skills ·      Project definition and key success markers ·      Specific T.O.T.E  model structures - outcomes, evidences and feedback These modules are designed to meet the specific learning needs of individuals in the group and to facilitate and optimize each participant’s projects and progress. Each individual’s key projects and goals for the programme will be also be developed, enhanced and tested within the positive and emotionally intelligent ‘field’ of the group. Module 5 -Performance and Integration of Advanced Skills and Applications  June  17th, 18th & 19th    This 5th module of the programme will be focused on the real world results of the programme for each person – the new choices, changes and professional applications of NLP, inspired and developed throughout the 6 months of the learning journey. The 3 days is structured in the ‘Preparation, Presentation, Review’ high performance model. Preparation – bringing together the implicit and explicit new learning, applications, models and practical ‘success factors’ into a form that can be communicated to others. There will be support and supervision for this process and an opportunity to test and trial options. Presentation and Performance – a presentation from each participant designed by them to showcase their projects and progress in the course. Review and Learning – A day of skillful reflection, review and group process, closing learning loops, celebration of achievements, and future pacing to new dreams and goals.  On successful completion of this programme participants will be able to join our Trainer Training programme for more details on this program please click here Full Programme Dates: Module 1:29th & 30th January 2017  'Generative Collaboration and Collective Intelligence with NLP' Module 2: January  31st 2017 ‘Creating the Road Map’  Coaching Session 1:  February 2017 (dates to be confirmed on booking) Module 3: March 11th & 12th 'Advanced Communication, Leadership and Learning' Coaching Session 2: March- April 2017 (dates to be confirmed on booking) Module 4: April 22nd & 23rd 'Advanced Communication, Leadership and Learning 2' Coaching Session 3: May 2017 (dates to be confirmed on booking) Module 5:  June 17th, 18th & 19th 'Performance and Integration of Advanced Skills and Applications Places on this course are strictly limited to a maximum of 15 Participants and are available on a first come first served basis Cost and Payment Options: We have  two options for you to choose from: Payment in Full: Book before November 31st 2016 to receive the Earlybird price of £2500+VAT After December 1st  the Course will cost £3000+VAT Payment by Instalments: Book your place with a £300+VAT deposit by December 1st and then spread the costs over the remaining months. So if you book by June 2016 you will pay only £240/month (Total repaid £2650+VAT) Book your place after December 1st 2016 with a £600 deposit and then 5  payments of £510 +VAT (Total Payment of £3,150+VAT)

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