Natural Bad Habits and Addiction Treatment

Changing deep-seated patterns of behavior can be difficult if you don't have the options you require. In my medical experience, I have observed gentle yet powerful results using therapeutic gems. Wearing a therapeutic gem necklace can impart energetic support to help you become aware of your previous action patterns and to gently promote the formation of fresh, healthier ones.

Attracting Beneficial Influences

One gem that can aid with altering bad habits and letting go of addictions is Leopardskin Jasper. This gemstone can help attract beneficial influences and ward off unhealthy ones. One woman wore a therapeutic Leopardskin Jasper necklace to aid overcome a pattern of attracting hurtful relationships and negativity. She also didn't speak up in cases where individuals were critical of her. After a few weeks of wearing Leopardskin Jasper, she observed that in cases where she talked to critical individuals, she felt uncomfortable, and the necklace felt heavy around her neck. She said the Leopardskin Jasper supported her to become conscious of her tradition of attracting negativity and helped her to change it. After that, she started to draw more positive experiences and people into her life.

The "Anti-Procrastination" Gem

In cases when a bad pattern or negative emotional pattern has repeated for a long time, I recommend Rhodochrosite. Rhodochrosite is powerful for rapidly breaking up old, harmful patterns. It can aid with any limiting habit or addiction. Rhodochrosite is additionally the "anti-procrastination" gemstone, so I advocate it whenever an individual has trouble acting to alter a longstanding tradition.

Becoming More Self-aware

Onyx is an empowering gem that can help release old habits and addictions. A therapeutic Onyx necklace is grounding and helps its wearer function at a higher level in all areas of life. In cases when you find it hard to face intimidating tasks, such as cleaning closets or doing taxes, and you have a custom of avoiding these activities to your disadvantage, Onyx can assist.

One young man rear-ended the vehicles in front of him 3 times in 12 months. He started putting on Onyx and realized that he had a habit of letting himself get distracted while driving. Donning Onyx helped him become aware of his action, which was the wake-up call vital to break the custom. He's been collision free ever since.

Finally Quitting Smoking

Blue Topaz can also support the course of overcoming an undesirable tradition or addiction. The body often lags behind the desire to alter a pattern. When filled with Blue Topaz energy, the body more readily aligns itself with a new mental picture of health and with the desire to release self-destructive habits, including smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

A young woman sought to quit smoking. After three days of sporting Blue Topaz, she simply chose not to smoke during the workday. Although she had in the past attempted to break the pattern, this time she was able to stay with it. She stated that the energy of the Blue Topaz helped her feel more relaxed and open to change. Suddenly, following through on her aim was much easier than it had been before. Now she isn't smoking at all.

Reliable Source of Therapeutic Gems

Many gemstones available these days do not comply with the high levels of quality and purity requisite for them to produce health benefits. For instance, the vast majority of Blue Topaz on the market has been irradiated to artificially deepen its color, which renders the gemstones not only totally non-therapeutic but also unsafe. Therefore, in cases when using gems for health, including Blue Topaz, it's essential to use therapeutic quality gems.

Ada Gonzalez, N.D. is a professional naturopathic health doctor who has specialized in primary family treatment and gem energy remedies. She highly advocates Natural Addictions and Bad Habits Remedy and Natural Anxiety Treatment
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