National Aquarium in Baltimore

As sad as it might be, the concept of the aquarium is slowly beginning to die out. The original idea was to present a museum of aquatic wildlife that people could walk through and see creatures that they have never seen before. While that is always a fun concept, once you have been to one aquarium, you have seen just about every creature that all the other aquariums have. After a couple of aquariums, you have had enough to last you a lifetime and have no desire to ever see another. Fortunately, the city of Baltimore in the historic state of Maryland has foreseen this issue and taken steps to insure that every visitor will always want to come back to their own esteemed National Aquarium.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is nothing short of amazing. Inside the walls of this huge area you will find so much more than just fish swimming in a variety of tanks. Make no mistake, there are plenty of forms of aquatic wildlife to see and marvel at, but then, this aquarium goes much farther into the realm of the animal kingdom than merely fish. There are over fifteen thousand different creatures to see here in over six hundred different categories of species. The types of creatures here are broken down into seven different categories. These are the Amphibians, the Australian Animals, Birds, Fish, Invertebrates, Mammals, and Reptiles.

In the Australian exhibit you will see some of the most incredible creatures that call the continent of Australia their home. There are the more frightening species, such as the Australian Freshwater Crocodiles or possibly the highly feared Death Adders. Then there are the stranger creatures, unlike any you have ever encountered before. A mere sampling of these are the Laughing Kookaburra, the Snake Necked Turtle, and the Grey Headed Flying Fox. If you have ever had a dream of living in Australia, by the end of this tour you will finally know if you have what it takes or not.

Another one of the more popular non-fish exhibits at the National Aquarium in Baltimore is that of the reptiles. At the mention of this fun-filled exhibit, everyone instantly assumes that they are about to be thrust into the world of the snakes. Quite the contrary, this exhibit comes in a far tougher package with less of a creepy aura. The reptiles here are those of the turtles. There are five magnificent species of turtle-life to investigate at this beloved exhibit. There are strange looking turtles with unusual markings and even giant turtles!

The exhibits go on and on as you walk through this massive structure. As you go onward, you will find that you have truly stumbled upon the next great aquarium attraction for your family. Kiss those same old lame aquariums goodbye and take a fun and exciting walk through the aquarium of the future this year at the renowned and always beloved National Aquarium in Baltimore Maryland. We guarantee that you will never look at the concept of the aquarium the same again!

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