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    • avatar Aaliyah Washington 1

      you can see blood because when u see your period yh 🙅

      • avatar smashMASKgaming 1

        0:30 pause,my reaction.

        • avatar Leina Brown 0

          I hate the smell of bleach

          • avatar baby girl slay 1

            I watched this one and I was like don't that hurt and she crazy

            • avatar yasser radwan 1

              I am addicted to your videos

              • avatar LadajahE 1

                blood and paint and the sand one was very weird

                • avatar Kerry Eardley 1

                  there go I g to be all ded

                  • avatar MELV LOVES YOU BEPPER 1

                    sand is super small rocks so the last girl is addicted to eating rocks!

                    • avatar Forever 11 1

                      When I saw that women drinking animal blood I nearly threw up

                      • avatar Eddrick Childs 1

                        sand is crunchy but I'm not not addicted to it I promes

                        • avatar Sara Slay 1


                          • avatar Chi F.A.M Love 1

                            SHE IS A VAMPIRE

                            • avatar Trap Tv 1

                              l hate when people waste their time talking instead of getting straight to the video😝😡