My Strange Addiction- An Adult Baby

My Strange Addiction- An Adult Baby

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    • avatar Faithyyyxt 1

      I get buying footie pjs but wtf why this is just weird

      • avatar No Yes 1

        WHY do people try to rid these people of "diseases" like this. it makes her happy!!! leave her alone.

        • avatar Kitten Cuddles 1

          oh dear god she looks like Milo Stewart with pigtails, smh

          • avatar Lee Skylar 1

            it's only cute when Melanie does it.

            • avatar Sincerful 0

              Riley also does porn (:

              • avatar Elijah Isaiah 1

                this is the real world grow the fuck up

                • avatar MarkNESStarFox 0

                  Riley makes me cringe almost as much as Chris-chan.

                  • avatar Probably Mercury 1

                    but like this is a kink…not an addiction right lol?

                    • avatar K SWISS 1

                      this is some circus shit. im on the wrong side of youtube again.

                      • avatar shushi tech 1

                        hi my name is riley anderson! i came from minesota and now i lived here!
                        interviewer: what are you doing from now?
                        riley: iam a adult baby
                        anger: ugh riley
                        disgust: iam out of here

                        • avatar That One Spaceydroid 1

                          crap, looks like toy freaks or whatever possessed people.

                          • avatar Vendetta Clan 1

                            being a adult baby is not dangerous it's okay to attempt I don't get why you can't try it

                            • avatar Brandon & Brian productions 1

                              1:48 TRANSGENDER!? OH FUCK! I CHOSE THE WRONG VIDEO!

                              • avatar sharron poudrier 1


                                • avatar MOON LUNA 0

                                  I STEAL PHONE

                                  • avatar MOON LUNA 1

                                    I EVIL PANERTS

                                    • avatar Nutella Bleach 1

                                      I live about an hour away from buffalo

                                      • avatar RoyalBonBon 27 1

                                        i really want a pacifier right now

                                        • avatar Lauren Cønnølly 0


                                          • avatar jazmyn marco 1

                                            Ha is it bad I'm in a ddlg relationship? 😅