My Home Organizing Hacks + Tips

My Home Organizing Hacks + Tips

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    • avatar CeciEJ 1

      Rachel: I'm slightly OCD Me: sure "slightly" 😂😂😂

      • avatar Myrthle A. 1

        Love your videos

        • avatar Torch Lit 1

          what kind of camera did you use mam. i love your life. lol

          • avatar Lilibeth Carvajalino 1

            hazlos en español

            • avatar rosegvnn 1

              Home and life goals

              • avatar Pikachu 0

                I try my best to stay organized but I happen to marry the most unorganized person in the whole world! I really do love him, but the way he likes to hoard stuff is making me go crazy.

                • avatar Jayagowri Karthick 0

                  nice useful video

                  • avatar Jana albargohii 1

                    Who is watching this in 2017

                    • avatar Anjali deshwal 1

                      happy new year 2017… 😃

                      • avatar Huang Lin Wei 1

                        May I know which font you are using?

                        • avatar alis shaikh 1

                          hi rache l love all your videos .please help me organize medicines which ison bed side table of all family members.

                          • avatar Whitney Mollison 1

                            I enjoy that. I love to organize. You just gave me an idea for folding my clothes. I never thought of using a clipboard. Neat. Thank you. =D

                            • avatar Judye Carter Releford 0

                              You inspired me to redo my craft "organization" which is everything thrown into a basket. (Your baby is precious!)

                              • avatar Špela Dolenc 1

                                Try out konmari way of folding clothes… Drawers are always organized this way :) love this video tho :)

                                • avatar ARTISTIC MIND 1

                                  What website did you use for the labels?😊😊😊😊

                                  • avatar Tahani amin 1

                                    Love your videos❤️❤️❤️

                                    • avatar Jodi Dennie 0

                                      hi Rachel, love this vid and all of your videos. Love the top you are wearing in this one. Where did you get it from? thanks!

                                      • avatar EVTD79 1

                                        Great video. I will be definitely using some of these tips soon. Thanks for sharing.